Actually Doable Office Workout

I’ve scoured Pinterest for realistic and fun office workouts and have two problems with most of them. 1. I don’t want to be all over the carpet (unless it has recently had a hot water extraction by Dallas Janitorial Services!) 2. I don’t want to be in my chair. I already spend half of my life there!

So, I will share my personal office workout. It is doable because I do it almost every day! This routine targets every part of the body, without being too strenuous or ridiculous.

Do each exercise until it burns, then do it a little longer!

  • Jumping Jacks are a great way to get blood flowing after sitting for a long time. Try to not bounce up and down, and keep your torso as still as possible.
  • Side jumps are a wonderful low-impact cardio exercise. Jump from one foot to another, as far as you can, and land softly.
  • Wall sits are awful, I admit, so try to have a distraction while you sit. Sometimes while working, I get up from my chair and do 1 minute of a wall sit, and when I sit back down in my chair I feel so energized!
  • One-leg squats are perfect for glutes, getting a quicker burn than plain squats. Make sure to not let your knee turn inward as you squat. Try to keep the leg you are squatting on at right angles; as if you are sitting on a chair. Sit back, not forward, over your knee. Do these slowly and touch the floor with the same hand as the leg you are using, before you stand up again.
  • Calf raises are simple! Just stand with your feet about a foot apart and rise up on your toes. You can use a chair for balance, but do not lean on it! I like to do sets of 10; 10 with toes pointed straight ahead, 10 with toes slightly turned outward, and 10 with toes pointed inward.
  • Wall push-ups are much easier than normal push-ups; plus you don’t have to put your hands on the floor!
  • Lastly, the V-crunch works all of your ab muscles, back, and inner thighs. Focus on curling up your abs tight when you pull in from the V. Make sure to keep your back straight!

And then there’s resistance band workouts

After the above routine, pull out some resistance bands and do bicep curls, over-head tricep pulls, rows, and lat pulls. Resistance bands are great for on-the-go and office workouts.

Over-head Tricep Pulls

In case my workout isn’t challenging enough, this workout should do the trick.

10 Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office

Brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this?


Written by: Sara K