Don’t Give Up On Change

More and more, people are paying electronically, including us here at Dallas Janitorial Services.  Maybe it’s with a credit card, or maybe it’s with the growing list of phone apps, but it’s happening.

And maybe we should stop.

The biggest reason to go electronic is also the biggest drawback: it eliminates loose change.  Sure, loose change rattling around in your pocket or purse is annoying, but if used properly, it adds up fast.  Tolerate that for a little while each day and you’ll have a stash of cash before you know it.

The oldest solution is still the best.  Find a jar, bucket, bowl, or other container that you don’t need, pick a spot, and empty your change into it each and every day.  It’s simple, easy, and hassle free.  Depending on how long you wait, you’ve got cash for a road trip, a night out, an easy donation, or even a little extra cash to get the office clean.

Image courtesy of, used under Share-Alike Creative Commons license.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “I don’t want to count all that!’  There’s no reason to count change, provided you know where you’ll use it.  Many grocery stores have machines that will count the change for you, and the fee can be bypassed by getting a gift card code for a specific business or donating the money to a charity.

Of course, if you absolutely refuse to carry change, there’s another options: use a change-saving app with your electronic purchases.  The most popular app on the market, Acorns, was built to automatically “round up” your transactions.  This turns a $3.75 purchase into $4 and invests $0.25.  However, there is a downside: Acorns charges $1 per month, which is a fairly large percentage of your deposits if you’re not making 100+ purchases per month.  Otherwise, you’re better off using one of their competitors.

No matter what you choose, just remember, a little bit at a time can go a long way.  It’ll add up faster than you think.

-Ryan Derenbecker.