Do You Make These 4 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mistakes?

Your company, whether you outsource your carpet cleaning or have an in-house team, could be making these mistakes. They cost you money and time.

It could take you several months to replace your carpet. And during that time, your carpet won’t look its best, which causes a poor impression on your customers.

What are these mistakes?

Find out below:

1. Cleaning Your Carpet Too Often (And Causing Damage)

Yes, you can clean your workplace’s carpet too often. Here’s how it happens:

  • You wait until the whole carpet is visibly dirty
  • You clean the whole carpet every time you see one visible stain
  • You clean your carpet regularly, just to be safe

Every company’s carpet requires a unique cleaning schedule. This depends on the type of work you do at your facility, how much foot traffic covers your carpet, and the type of carpeting.

If you don’t account for all these factors, you risk over cleaning your carpet, and causing damage.

2. Spot-Cleaning Too Aggressively

You can apply the perfect amount of the right cleaning product, but still cause damage to your carpet. This happens when your cleaning team member scrubs too hard with an abrasive tool.

It can also happen as a result of the current durability of the carpet you’re cleaning. Spot-cleaning a stain so it goes away, without causing additional damage, takes subjective judgment and experience to do correctly.

3. Not Properly Checking Your Carpet to Ensure Quality

Again, this one comes from inexperience. Your carpet can look properly cleaned from a distance. However, a few days or a week later, it can look dirty again, even after minimal use.

This can happen when you steam clean, for example. The carpet, saturated with water, appears clean from a distance. The entire carpet needs to be checked up close to prevent this from happening.

4. Getting the Carpet Too Wet Using Hot Water Extraction

Many commercial cleaning managers still cling to the idea that hot water extraction is the best way to clean your carpet. This is true in 2-3% of situations, but that’s about it. You’re just fine with using high-volume extractors.

The problem with hot water extraction is that it often takes more than one pass to dry, which forces the carpet to take too long to dry. This is especially true when the carpet is very dirty.

When carpet takes longer than 4 hours to dry, it begins to grow allergens and other microbes that lead to a nasty odor. Permanent damage can even result when the carpet stays wet for longer than 24 hours. The latex in the carpet begins to break down, the carpet delaminates, and the seams ravel.

Not a good situation.

Experienced Cleaning Companies Make a Great Investment

As you can see, janitorial work isn’t as simple as it often gets made out to be. There’s plenty of room for using your judgment, and that’s where the knowledge of an experienced cleaning company makes a huge difference.

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