Finding the right industrial cleaning service for your facility is no easy task. Every industrial warehouse has needs specific to its particular business. Manufacturing warehouses have different needs compared to industrial warehouse spaces, and choosing a cleaning service that is equipped and trained to handle those specific requirements means an extensive vetting process.

Here are the five most important considerations for choosing an industrial warehouse cleaning service:

  • Experienced Cleaning Staff

The very first question you want to ask your prospective cleaning contractor is what experience they have cleaning similar industrial spaces. The more experienced a cleaner and their industrial cleaning team are, the better their methods and cleaning protocols will be for maintaining a properly cleaned industrial warehouse space. 

For example, if you deal primarily in textiles, you need a completely different set of cleaning protocols in place compared to a facility that deals in metal manufacturing. Residue and debris cleanup will be completely different, as will disposal of said debris and waste. Different industries also require very specific cleaning methods, and different surfaces and workspaces will require their own cleaning protocols.

  • Appropriate Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Does your prospective cleaning contractor have the right equipment and cleaning supplies to provide specialty care for your facility? Just as every industrial warehouse space is unique, so also are the equipment, cleaning solutions, and disposal protocols. Cleaning up woodworking waste requires special industrial vacuum cleaner systems with heavy-duty filters, and these require specialized training to operate properly. 

Additionally, a growing concern among industrial warehouse facility operators is the environmental impact of their operations. Not only are recycling and waste disposal of paramount concern (and regulation by the government), but the cleaning services and cleaning products they employ must be similarly environmentally conscious. 

Green cleaning solutions and disposal protocols are more important now than they have ever been. Be sure to ask about both so that you know your service provider will be keeping your best interests at the forefront regarding ecological impact. Bottom line, knowing that your contractor is both equipped and trained to clean your facility is critical information, so make sure you learn all you can

  • Adequate Warehouse Specific Services

Choosing a contract that offers a variety of cleaning services makes the most economic sense. If you have office spaces and restroom facilities that also require regular cleaning, hiring the same contractor for all your cleaning needs will cost you less and provide more efficient service. Floor stripping and waxing, carpet and upholstery cleaning, power washing, steam cleaning, and more are all extremely important for the non-industrial spaces of your warehouse, and you need to ensure these needs are met by the same provider for efficiency’s sake. 

  • Multi-Service Packages

Once you are satisfied that a prospective cleaning service can meet your unique industrial warehouse cleaning needs, ask about their cleaning package deals. Bundling your cleaning services not only saves you money but also allows your contractor to schedule their labor more efficiently. 

More importantly, if there are cleaning and maintenance tasks that need to be addressed specifically by your own team, a package deal lets you pick and choose which services you need without interfering with your own regulatory and safety requirements. Best of all, you get the most service for your money since multi-service packages are often provided at a discount rate.

  • Contract Options

Now for the brass tacks of hiring a cleaning service. Ask what the terms of their cleaning contracts are, and negotiate the deal that best suits the facility’s needs and budget. Some services require a set term of service, while others may not hold a business to a contract beyond providing two weeks’ notice prior to cancellation. 

Facility managers need to make certain they aren’t locked into anything that will cost more in the long term. Conversely, they should also make sure they are taking advantage of any discounts that come with a set term commitment. Again, focus on facility needs and budget first, and work out the details around that information. 

All in all, choosing the right cleaning contractor for an industrial warehouse facility doesn’t need to be complex or difficult. What matters most is discovering what experience a contractor has with similar facilities, what equipment and supplies they have available, what specialty services they have available, what packages they offer, and the terms of their contracts. 

Do you have an industrial warehouse facility with unique cleaning needs and multiple areas in need of cleaning? Dallas Janitorial Services provides specialized industrial warehouse cleaning services in multi-service packages that can care for every area of the facility. Our staff is experienced and trained with all types of industrial cleaning equipment and solutions, and they are knowledgeable about the most efficient cleaning protocols for any situation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain a clean and safe industrial warehouse facility.