Knowing it’s time to hire a professional cleaning service, there are two important factors to consider when determining which company to go with, cost and quality of service. I’m sure you’ve heard many people talk about how expensive cleaning services can be, and you’ve become tentative about whether or not you should hire a cleaning company at all.

Even more frustrating, when you dive into researching what a professional cleaning service would cost, you find such a wide price range that you’re more uncertain than before. 

Don’t give up yet! This is your comprehensive guide on what costs to expect, how to spot a fair rate, and what variables affect janitorial cleaning services’ pricing. 

Keep reading for samples of cleaning costs for five different types of spaces, an explanation of how square footage, windows, bathrooms, and custom/specialized services contribute to costs. Those aren’t the only things to consider when hiring a janitorial services provider, not to worry though, we’ve got it all covered for you!

Average Costs of Janitorial Cleaning Service

First, let’s look at the average janitorial service rates a cleaning company may arrive at, estimating the potential rate per square foot. estimates the average cost of cleaning a 2,000-square-foot office at $220. says that office cleaning services can range in price between $0.05- $0.12 per square foot for a 40,000-square-foot building, $0.09- $0.17 for a 12,000-square-foot larger office, or an average of $0.11 per square foot. 

Janitorial services can be distinct from commercial cleaning, covering more routine and comprehensive tasks and costing $0.15-$0.25 per square foot.  

Before you start doing the math for your facility, remember these are just average costs, and the figure could change significantly depending on your specific cleaning needs. You’re still thinking, okay, so what are janitorial services going to cost for me?  

Wonder no more! We’ve got details about pricing based on the type of facility and its specific features and needs coming up.

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Sample Janitorial Cleaning Rates by Common Types of Space

Different facilities can require a wide array of cleaning tasks, techniques, and intensity. For example, medical offices and bars/restaurants require meticulous, specialized cleaning for high-stakes health and safety reasons, so cleaning these spaces is more intensive.

These are simply average rates. They don’t necessarily reflect the costs of your individual cleaning needs or the rates your preferred cleaning company charges.

Office Janitorial Cleaning

Professional office janitorial services tend to cost $0.15-$0.25 per square foot. This price fluctuates depending on any specialized services needed and how many people are cleaning at once. 

Especially for large offices or multi-floor spaces that need frequent cleaning, most janitorial companies price their services by the square foot. Cleaners sometimes have a different pay structure for once or twice weekly cleaning, but still typically charge per square foot for cleaning three or more times per week.

Medical Office Janitorial Cleaning

With more demanding sanitization protocols and tasks involving hazardous waste/materials, medical office cleaning can cost more than standard commercial cleaning services. The price for professional cleaning of medical offices can be up to $0.35 per square foot.

Restaurant Janitorial Cleaning Service

Restaurants tend to need a range of cleaning due to the intensity and tasks required. Light cleanings that include restrooms and dusting might cost less, while heavier cleaning for large commercial kitchens might be anywhere between $0.04 and $0.50.

Cleaning a kitchen hood is far more complex than basic kitchen cleaning and may run you significantly more, possibly over $400 for a flat fee.

Retail Janitorial Cleaning Space

The costs of professionally cleaning a retail space can range from $0.05-$0.20 per square foot. If you need a one-off deep cleaning, you may be looking at $0.10-$0.30 per square foot.

Construction Janitorial Cleaning

Construction cleanup is more specialized than cleaning an office or a store and often involves more occupational hazards, so construction site janitorial services can vary widely in price. It may be $0.10-$0.50 per square foot.

Janitorial Cleaning Service Pricing Factors with Sample Computation

Next, we’ll explain how janitorial companies typically price their professional cleaning services on average and why they do it that way with sample computations and prices.

Janitorial Cleaning Prices Per Square Foot

Of course, more space usually requires more work and cleaning supplies, which equates to higher costs. Sometimes a small office costs more per square foot to clean than expected because it still takes a base amount of work to clean it that’s similar to cleaning a slightly larger office. So It may cost just as much to clean an office under 1,000 square feet as it does to clean 1,000-2,000 square feet of commercial space.

The cost of janitorial services for a commercial space is usually between $0.15-$0.25 per square foot, or an average price of $0.20. However, keep in mind that bathrooms and kitchens are more and labor-intensive, costing more to clean at one to three dollars per square foot. So, calculate accordingly when estimating a fair cleaning rate for your business.

The Number of Windows and Bathrooms Cause Varying Costs in Janitorial Cleaning Services

Before giving you a quote or estimate for cleaning your specific space, a janitorial company must consider what do janitorial services include for this facility. 

Compared to basic spaces like offices, waiting areas, and hallways, it takes longer to clean and disinfect windows, bathrooms, and break rooms or kitchens. The more windows, restroom space, and high-traffic areas you have, the more expensive cleaning will be.

If a company wants to clean a typical office for a rate of $0.15 per square foot, they may calculate the bathrooms at a higher rate of a dollar or more per square foot, then add another $3-$7 per window. Therefore, you should account for the number and size of windows in your cost computation.

One-Time Janitorial Cleaning Cost

Normally, a facility needs recurring cleaning, so most janitorial companies have clients enter into contracts lasting at least a year. Whether the janitorial services you choose use contracts or operate contract-free, you can opt for a one-time cleaning. Maybe you need one-time emergency help or deep cleaning or a one-off visit to prepare for an important event, which will likely cost more than regular basis appointments.

Janitorial Cleaning Flat Rates

Similarly, a janitorial business may be able to check out a facility to come up with a flat rate for cleaning. The more basic the job is, the easier it is to know what flat rate makes sense.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Customized for Your Business

Depending on the characteristics of your business, your janitorial services provider may customize cleaning tasks and pricing accordingly. With customized services, you get all the cleaning you need without paying for more than you need.

Whether you pay per square foot or per job, your janitorial company will most likely account for these itemized cleaning tasks:

  • Cleaning hard or carpeted floors, whether they need vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, polishing, stain removal, and/or steam cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Polishing and/or steam cleaning furniture
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Washing dishes
  • Removing garbage
  • Restocking and disinfecting restrooms
  • Washing windows
  • Organizing
  • Specialized services

Sample Computation

Let’s say you have a basic 1,000-square-foot office with four windows, a small break room (60 sq. ft.) and a restroom (50 sq. ft.). 

Here’s a possible cost breakdown of janitorial services for that space:

Breakroom (60 sq. ft) + restroom (50 sq. ft.) = 110 sq. ft. 

1,000 sq. ft. – 110 sq. ft. = 890 sq ft. 

890 sq. ft. x base rate ($0.15) = $133.50

Breakroom + restroom (110 sq. ft.) x $1 = $110

Window rate ($3) x 4 = $12$133.50 + $110 + $12 = $255.50 (total)

Other Cost Factors for Janitorial Cleaning Services

These are some of the other ways janitorial cleaning services arrive at their prices. 

With weekly/regular basis cleaning jobs, it can be easier to standardize the cost of cleaning, but especially for one-time jobs, the following factors influence cleaning costs:

  • Task complexity/difficulty
  • The number and types of rooms
  • Any specific skills and tools needed for specialized services

Extra Janitorial Cleaning Tasks Pricing Chart

Particularly if the space you need to clean is a medical office, bar or restaurant, or other facility requiring specialized care, it will probably cost extra. Additionally, if your office, retail space, etc., needs more intensive janitorial services, there are more costs.

Appliances$10 – $40 per appliance
Floor stripping, waxing$0.30 – $0.50 per sq. ft.
Machine cleaning tile/concrete floors$0.12 – $0.21 per sq. ft.
Buffing$0.04 – $0.12 per sq. ft.
Carpet stain and spot cleaningStarts at $20 per stain for a very small stain.
Pressure washing$0.10-$0.50 per sq. ft.
Air vents and ducts$0.15-$0.25 per sq. ft.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Janitorial Services Provider

Now that you have a better idea of pricing, you’re one step closer to finding the right janitorial services provider. Before you go forward with deciding on and hiring a company, use the following points as a guide:

Janitorial Services Provided

Basic commercial cleaning companies can be very helpful, but they don’t necessarily do it all. If you hire a more well-rounded janitorial company with an array of experience in specialized services, you can rest assured that they’re equipped to skillfully complete any of the janitorial tasks you need.

Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

What equipment will a janitorial service provider need to do the job? Is the company you’re considering responsible for their own equipment? Their equipment should be up-to-date and in good condition so you’re getting high-standard cleaning for your money.

Janitorial Cleaning Bond and Insurance

Cleaning work presents illness and injury risks. You must verify that any janitorial company you hire has liability, worker’s compensation, and bonding insurance so your company can’t be sued and to protect property.

Customer Service

When you communicate with a cleaning company’s customer service before hiring them, you may get a glimpse into how responsive and attentive they will be when you become a client. You should be able to trust that they’ll be easy to get in touch with if you need anything going forward.

FAQs About Janitorial Services Costs

How are janitorial services calculated?

Janitorial services are calculated based on square footage, specialized services, number and type of rooms, amount of windows, frequency of cleaning, and how intensive the job is.

How do you calculate what to charge for cleaning services?

Figure out the cost of labor and cleaning supplies for a cleaning job to calculate a fair price to charge.

What is the difference between janitorial and cleaning services?

Commercial cleaning services usually handle more basic cleaning services, while janitorial services tend to offer more comprehensive specialized services.

What do you expect to pay for janitorial services?

Do you need professional cleaning services for an office, store, medical office, restaurant, or construction site? How many square feet, bathrooms, and windows are we working with? Any kitchens or break rooms? Is straightforward vacuuming and mopping sufficient, or do you need any additional floor care?

Knowing roughly what you should expect to pay for janitorial services should help you budget, search for, and hire a trustworthy janitorial company for a fair price. 

Dallas Janitorial Services delivers high-standard cleaning in a breadth of contexts backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you contact us, we’ll consider your facility’s features to give you a free quote, and we’ll even come by and see the space to individualize the services and pricing.

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