Along with a great team of employees, the most important part of a cleaning business is the clients. Without them, there would be no places to clean and no revenue to be made. Therefore, it is vital to have proper knowledge of how to attract and retain potential cleaning clients. By doing so, you can run a successful commercial cleaning company. 

In this article, we will provide helpful tips and strategies you should consider implementing.

Identifying Your Ideal Customers

To begin with, you must identify your potential customer base. This will help with marketing strategy. In addition, it will help you adjust prices and services offered. 

The first step you should take is to analyze your current customers. Do you have commercial cleaning contracts with them? If so, how frequent are the services? Furthermore, you must determine what type of clients are more likely to hire your cleaning business. In turn, you will gain a better understanding of your ideal customer.

Once that is complete, you must understand why they chose your business. Oftentimes, it may be because of price. If you offer quality cleaning services at reasonable prices, people will be more inclined to hire you. However, you should set a price that will still be profitable. Attaining a plethora of customers will be less beneficial if you are running at a loss.

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Networking and Building a List of Ideal Clients

As with any business, networking is essential. This also holds true for commercial cleaning companies. You may provide excellent services with great customer support. However, if no one knows about your business, it will never grow to maximum heights.

Luckily, there are ways to effectively spread your company’s name. For example, you can actively participate in local community events. This will not only increase your visibility, it can also boost your reputation. 

In addition, you can attend events organized by the nearby Chamber of Commerce. To clarify, the Chamber of Commerce is a network of businesses aimed to promote local companies and increase profit and growth. By gaining connections, your business will be in a stronger position to succeed.

After making a genuine effort to network and communicate, it is time to build a list of ideal clients. Preferably, this list will include individuals or businesses who showed great levels of interest or enthusiasm. Hopefully, they will go from potential clients to long-term clients with commercial cleaning contracts.

Following Up and Creating Proposals

Once you have a list of potential ideal clients, you must follow up with them. It should be stated that this is the “make or break” point of the process. If you follow up poorly, you may lose valuable clients. Understandably, this is something you want to avoid happening. 

To start, you should not contact them immediately. This may make them feel pressured into making a decision. Furthermore, it may make your business seem desperate. Instead, you should wait a day or two and then follow up. 

Moreover, you should avoid giving a long-winded speech with generic verbiage. Conversely, you can explain potential services in a concise proposal. In particular, you can describe routine commercial cleaning services with prices and time required. 

Developing a Marketing Plan

Similar to networking, marketing is a great way to positively spread your company name. Primarily, you should focus on building your brand through social media and online content. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles are essential as they will give your business an online presence. However, this is simply the beginning. 

Moving forward, you must actively post engaging content that will appeal to your customer base. For example, you can upload pictures of previous jobs and how successful they were.

There are also effective marketing campaigns you can implement outside of the digital world. Business cards are easy-to-make and will provide essential information such as company name, phone number, and working hours. Furthermore, you can create and spread flyers throughout your community. Lastly, you can purchase billboards and large ads in high-traffic locations. While it can be costly, it will bring more eyes to your cleaning business.

Encouraging Customer Referrals and Offering Coupons and Discounts

While online posts and marketing strategies can be effective, certain individuals may still be skeptical. In addition, they may find it difficult to hire a company they don’t have experience with. For issues like this, customer referrals and timely discounts can be a great solution. By providing consistently great service, you will build a strong reputation with clients. 

In turn, you can request that they recommend you to other individuals. People are more likely to listen to someone they already know. Testimonials are an effective method of boosting trust and reputation. Furthermore, you can offer new clients a first-time discount. Afterward, once they notice high-quality service, they may sign commercial cleaning contracts at full price.

Repurposing Successful Marketing Campaigns

If a previous marketing campaign was successful, it may be smart to repurpose it. Before you run it again, make sure to analyze prior positives and negatives. With new knowledge and understanding, you will be in a better position to succeed. 

Also, you can try reshaping other campaigns to fit your commercial cleaning company. For example, you can run holiday-focused promotions around Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

An important facet of repurposing successful marketing campaigns is understanding your customer base. In particular, try to gain insights on what type of ads are effective towards them. 

Optimizing Website Content and Utilizing Social Media

A strong commercial cleaning business will properly optimize its online presence with engaging website content. To begin, you must have a website that is easy to use and informative. If web design isn’t your strong suit, that’s okay. You can hire a professional to build your website for you. 

While it will cost money, it is absolutely worth it. A well-made site looks professional and can boost a company’s reputation. 

Once the website is made, you must include all relevant information, such as the mission statement, cleaning services offered, and available working hours. Furthermore, you want to focus on viewer retention and engagement. This can be accomplished through well-written blogs. For example, they can be focused on various aspects of cleaning, or they can provide helpful tips and advice.  

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Subcontracting with a Commercial Cleaning Company

Understandably, running a commercial cleaning business by yourself can be stressful and demanding. If you have to think about everything, there can be potential oversights and shortcomings. 

Luckily, you have the option to be a subcontractor with a well-established commercial cleaning company. The potential benefits of operating as a subcontractor can be quite enticing. The primary advantage is gaining new clients to grow your individual business. By partnering with an established business, you may notice significantly improved profits. Furthermore, there is less risk since you are working with a larger company without operating a costly franchise. 

Dallas Janitorial Services is a great subcontractor partner. They have a long-standing history of success. If you choose to become a vendor with us, we will always be committed to your growth and success. 

Building a Professional Network

As important as it is to build a network of cleaning clients, it is equally essential to build a professional network. You can do so by attending industry and networking events. When you’re there, be genuine about your business and ideologies. Also, actively listen and try to help them succeed as well. Similarly, always remain friendly and send the occasional message. 

FAQs About Getting Commercial Cleaning Clients

How do I get my cleaning business noticed?

You can get your cleaning business noticed by building a strong online presence and networking with clients. You should have accounts on multiple social media platforms. In addition, you should regularly post engaging content such as photos or blogs. Furthermore, attend local community events and focus on building a repertoire with potential customers.

How do I get free clients for my cleaning business?

You can get free clients from positive customer referrals. It is important to note that this is only possible through consistent quality service. If long-term customers are happy, they may recommend your business to others. 

What is the success rate of a cleaning business?

Cleaning businesses tend to have strong success rates. This is due to a variety of factors. First, they usually have good profits with lower expenses. Furthermore, there will always be a consistent demand for janitorial services. With that being said, running a successful cleaning business will require a great amount of effort and strategy.

What do customers want from a cleaning company?

Customers want efficient and effective services at reasonable prices. In addition, they want strong communication from their cleaning company. Furthermore, some customers may want stability provided commercial cleaning contracts

What are the best colors for a cleaning business?

Typically, blue and green are the best colors for a cleaning business. These colors remind customers of trustworthiness, stability, and intelligence.

How to get contracts with offices?

Offices are great long-term clients to have. You can get commercial cleaning contracts with them by having certifications, licenses, and properly-trained staff members.

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