Starting a real estate cleaning business can be lucrative in today’s market. With 97% of online searches focusing on local cleaning companies and 88% of those searches leading to contact within 24 hours, the demand for cleaning services in real estate is undeniable. 

Thorough cleaning is crucial in the real estate industry; it advances property appeal and helps close deals faster. 

Whether aiming to specialize in house or commercial cleaning, understanding the essentials is key. This blog will guide you on how to start a real estate cleaning business, covering everything from market analysis to cleaning equipment.

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Understanding the Real Estate Cleaning Business

A real estate cleaning business focuses on preparing properties for sale or rent by providing thorough and professional cleaning services. This ensures properties are presented in their best condition, enhancing their appeal and market value. 

With 92% of people trusting word-of-mouth marketing more than traditional strategies, providing exceptional service is vital for growth. Starting a cleaning business in real estate means meeting high standards to foster trust and attract a strong target market.

Real estate cleaning services typically include:

  • House cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Floor maintenance
  • Pressure washing

Market Research and Analysis

Conducting thorough market research is crucial before starting a real estate cleaning business. It helps in identifying market opportunities, understanding customer needs, and assessing competition. Define your target market, including homeowners, real estate agents, and property managers. 

Understanding their needs allows you to tailor your services effectively. Perform a competitor analysis by examining rivals’ pricing, services, and customer reviews. 

Analyzing competitors’ marketing strategies provides insights into industry best practices. This market analysis ensures you are well-prepared to enter the cleaning service industry with confidence and a solid business strategy to meet high demand.

Such a strategic approach sets the foundation for a successful real estate cleaning business. To get an idea of the potential earnings of a real estate cleaning startup, read about how much a commercial cleaning business can make annually.

Equipment and Supplies

Equipping your real estate cleaning business with the right tools is essential for delivering top-notch cleaning services. Proper cleaning equipment ensures efficiency and quality, helping you stand out in a competitive market. 

The average cost for these supplies is about $11 per month, and 78% of cleaning businesses pay between $100-$150 annually, making it a manageable investment for starting a cleaning service.

Let’s discuss all the key tools and supplies: 

1. Basic Cleaning Tools and Appliances

Every real estate cleaning service needs a set of basic tools to get started. These tools form the backbone of your cleaning business operations.

  • Vacuum Cleaners: Essential for both house cleaning and commercial cleaning, vacuum cleaners remove dirt, dust, and debris from carpets and floors efficiently.
  • Mops and Buckets: Key for cleaning hard floors. Invest in high-quality, durable mops to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Cleaning Cloths and Sponges: Microfiber cloths are excellent for dusting and wiping surfaces without leaving streaks or scratches.
  • Cleaning Solutions: All-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, and glass cleaners are necessary for various surfaces. Ensure you have eco-friendly options to cater to environmentally conscious clients.

2. Floors

Cleaning floors properly requires specific tools and supplies to ensure a spotless finish. Here are the basic tools you require for floors:

  • Floor Buffers: Used to polish and clean hard floors, enhancing their appearance and longevity. A good buffer can cost between $200-$1,500.
  • Floor Scrubbers: These machines help in the deep cleaning of large floor areas, especially in commercial settings. They can range from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on size and capability.
  • Brooms and Dustpans: Basic yet essential for removing loose dirt and debris before mopping or scrubbing.
  • Floor Cleaning Solutions: Specialized solutions for different types of flooring (e.g., hardwood, tile) ensure optimal cleaning without damage.

3. All-Purpose Tools

Versatile tools are crucial for handling various cleaning tasks efficiently. The following are the general tools for all purposes:

  • Extendable Dusters: Perfect for reaching high areas like ceilings and fans. They are affordable, typically costing around $10-$20 each.
  • Ladders and Step Stools: Essential for reaching and cleaning high places safely. Investing in sturdy, high-quality ladders is crucial for safety and efficiency.
  • Trash Bags and Bins: Necessary for disposing of waste collected during cleaning. Stock up on various sizes to handle different types of debris.
  • Protective Gear: Includes gloves, masks, and safety goggles to protect cleaners from harsh chemicals and potential hazards.

Marketing and Promotion

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for promoting a real estate cleaning business. In a highly competitive market, leveraging the right tools and techniques can make a significant difference. According to BightLocal’s survey, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

This means having a strong online presence and positive reviews is essential. By utilizing the best marketing tools, you can scale up your cleaning business and attract more clients. Let’s discuss the key marketing and promotional strategies in detail:

1. Create a Website

Creating a professional website is the foundation of your marketing strategy. Your website acts as the face of your cleaning business, providing potential clients with essential information.

  • Showcase Services: Detail the real estate cleaning services you offer, such as house cleaning and commercial cleaning.
  • Include Testimonials: Display positive reviews and testimonials to build trust with visitors.
  • Use SEO: Optimize your website with keywords like how to start a real estate cleaning business and cleaning service to improve search engine rankings.
  • Contact Information: Make it easy for clients to contact you with clear, visible contact details and a contact form.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure your website is accessible and easy to navigate on all devices.

2. Set Up Your Google My Business Page

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) page is essential for local cleaning businesses. It helps your business appear in local search results and on Google Maps.

  • Claim and Verify: Claim your business on Google and verify your information to ensure accuracy.
  • Complete Your Profile: Fill out all relevant details, including business hours, address, and services offered.
  • Add Photos: Upload high-quality images of your team, equipment, and recent projects to attract potential clients.
  • Encourage Reviews: Ask satisfied clients to leave reviews. Since 91% of people read online reviews, having positive feedback can significantly impact your business.
  • Post Updates: Regularly post updates, special offers, and news to keep your profile active and engaging.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media platforms are powerful tools for promoting your real estate cleaning business. They allow you to connect with your target market and showcase your services.

  • Choose Platforms Wisely: Focus on platforms where your target market is most active, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Engage with Followers: Respond to comments and messages promptly to build relationships with potential clients.
  • Share Content: Post photos, videos, and articles related to your cleaning services. Highlight before-and-after cleaning projects to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Run Ads: Use paid advertising to reach a broader audience. Target ads based on location, interests, and demographics to maximize effectiveness.
  • Track Performance: Use analytics tools to monitor the performance of your social media campaigns and adjust your strategy as needed.

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In this guide, we’ve covered how to start a real estate cleaning business, from conducting market analysis and identifying your target market to acquiring the necessary cleaning equipment. We also explored effective business strategies and marketing tools to promote your cleaning service.

Ready to pursue your dream? Take the first step by reading our detailed guide on whether a cleaning business is profitable. For personalized advice, contact us today.

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FAQs About How to Start a Real Estate Cleaning Business

What type of cleaning business makes the most money?

Commercial cleaning services often generate the most revenue due to larger contracts and ongoing maintenance needs. Real estate cleaning businesses focusing on both house cleaning and commercial cleaning can also be highly profitable.

How profitable are cleaners?

Cleaners can be very profitable, especially when targeting high-demand markets like real estate. Proper market analysis and an effective business strategy can significantly boost profitability for a real estate cleaning business.

What is the biggest cost in the cleaning industry?

Labor costs are typically the biggest expense in the cleaning business. Other significant costs include cleaning equipment and supplies, which can vary based on the scale of your operations and the specific services offered.

Can you be a cleaner with no experience?

Yes, you can start as a cleaner with no experience. Many cleaning businesses provide training for new employees. Starting with basic house cleaning and gradually learning more specialized tasks can help you gain the necessary skills.

Is cleaning a skilled job?

Yes, cleaning is a skilled job. It requires knowledge of various cleaning techniques, proper use of cleaning equipment, and understanding of safety protocols. Specializing in real estate cleaning services demands a keen eye for detail and thoroughness.

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