The home serves as a canvas, offering a platform to design for purposes of comfort, practicality and artistic expression. Whether you are looking to flip a home, rent it out or fine-tune it to enjoy for years to come, renovation becomes an eventual consideration for most homeowners.

It’s normal to dive deep into remodel projects, shaping our homes to fulfill our singular vision and display our personality. The relief and pride we feel at the end of a renovation is immense, as we excitedly look over our new abode comparing the “before” situation with the “after” result.

That “after”, however, is never the “immediately after” a remodel project. In fact, it’s often the “after an extremely exhaustive cleaning effort” photo that we end up sharing.

Knowing how to clean after a renovation is essential if you plan to tackle the post-remodel cleaning yourself. Unlike any other cleaning chore, cleaning after renovation needs to be approached in the most comprehensive and safest manner possible. Dust, dirt, debris and other irritating and harmful elements that get shifted during a remodel project, no matter how big or small, require special care.

In most instances, to ensure your optimal safety, comfort and peace of mind, hiring a professional cleaning service after renovation makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons.


Remodels can leave you exposed to far more dangerous materials than everyday dust. New drywall, joint compound, paint and a plethora of common remodel materials create dust and debris that is not only abundant and apparent but also hazardous to your health. Without proper cleanup, these irritants can cause immediate injury, respiratory problems and potentially long-term illnesses.

It’s hard to over-stress that the remains of building materials end up literally everywhere. The floors, windows and countertop surfaces are often the primary points of focus but similar, if not greater, care needs to be taken on walls and ceilings. Vents are a particular concern because they can recirculate materials, creating new cleaning opportunities and exposing adults, children and pets to airborne hazards.

Professional cleaners should be employed after remodels because they have not only the equipment to handle these areas with greater safety but also the expertise to provide a more thorough cleaning. Cleaners can manage the hard-to-reach areas so you do not risk injuring yourself and they can remove dangerous debris from the ground and common contact points before use. With their help, you can expect to enjoy your new space with peace of mind that you, your family or anyone living in the home will be safe and comfortable.

Time and Efficiency

The common definition of a “quality clean” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cleaning after renovating. As mentioned, dust and dirt settle on nearly every surface in large quantities through the course of a remodel, even reaching rooms that were not part of the renovation. Cleaning afterwards not only means attending to more surfaces than during a normal cleaning but also a much more rigorous process. A truly adequate cleaning after a remodel is a multi-stage process, with steps including:

  • Dry cleaning all surfaces (e.g. walls, ceilings, floors, grates, tabletops) with a microfiber cloth.
  • Damp cleaning all of the same surfaces to completely remove dust and disinfect.
  • Cleaning inside cabinets, closets and other storage areas.
  • Dust mopping the floor before wet mopping.
  • Polishing and buffing countertops to reduce abrasion damage.
  • Removing and washing vent covers.
  • Vacuuming carpets.

As you can imagine, cleaning even a single renovated room can amount to several hours of intense labor. Hiring a cleaning service after a remodel can save you additional headaches and get you back to using the area much quicker.

Material costs are an overlooked consideration that runs in line with the time investment. Not only do you have to lose hours to a cleanup chore but you may also find yourself lacking the necessary tools for effective cleaning and odor removal. This is part of the benefit of cleaning services: They always come stocked with the best equipment.

You need the best when cleaning after a remodel to completely remove the fine material that rests on and embeds itself in the fixtures. If you do not have a HEPA vacuum, for example, this will be an absolutely essential purchase when it comes time for post-remodel cleaning. All things considered, when you compare cleaning yourself against hiring a professional, the true cost difference is considerably less than what they may charge.


The space feels new and refreshed after a remodel and it follows that any subsequent damage becomes greatly magnified against an otherwise perfect environment. Cleaning is a non-negotiable step in remodelling and, unfortunately, an opportunity to inflict that damage.

If you choose the wrong liquid cleaner for the walls, you can damage the paint. If you fail to safely remove debris from tabletops, you can scratch the surface when you dust. There are a million ways to ruin the brand new space and just as you took on the responsibility of cleaning, so too will you shoulder the burden of repairs.

When you hire a professional cleaning service after renovating, any damage that may occur is primarily their responsibility to rectify. As part of their contracts, the best cleaning services will build in satisfaction guarantees, ensuring you have recourse in the event of any issues.

Our team at Dallas Janitorial Services is ready to tackle any post-renovation cleaning for residences and commercial properties. We maintain the highest quality standards through the use of the most innovative technologies and up-to-date cleaning practices. In our mission to consistently exceed customer expectations, we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If our service falls short, our customer service team will be happy to schedule a new cleaning free of charge.

Renovating is a difficult enough job even before thinking about the enormous cleanup task afterwards. If you have a major renovation and would like to know how we can provide the peace of mind, quality and efficiency in cleaning so you can start enjoying your new space, contact our experts today.

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