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Any Industry, Any Business, Big or Small

If you run a business, you need a reliable commercial business cleaning service. Look no further than Dallas Janitorial, the cleaning service with experience in a wide array of industries and specialized services.

Do you run a restaurant, bar, casino, hotel, museum, bank, event venue, property, store, office, fitness center, auto dealership, warehouse, factory, medical facility, or construction company? We clean all of the above, and facilities of any size, even stadiums.

With specialized expertise in a variety of industries, and adherence to OSHA, CDC, and EPA guidelines, you can trust Dallas Janitorial for any large or small business cleaning service.

What Specific Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

We do routine and deep-cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and trash removal for just about any part of your business. That includes an emphasis on restrooms, common areas, and all frequent touch points.

The basics include entryways, carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, polishing, or waxing, window cleaning, and surfaces like tables, desks, chairs, and counters. On top of that, we clean:

  • Factories, warehouses, storage spaces, construction sites
  • Offices, breakrooms, conference rooms,
  • Kitchen and bar areas, dining spaces, displays
  • Guest rooms, pool areas, gyms and fitness centers, lobbies
  • Medical waiting rooms, patient rooms
  • Display shelves, point of sale
  • And more
Modern bright office space

What About a typical Business Hours and Unpredictable Requirements?

Modern bright office space

If you need cleaning in the early mornings, afternoons, evenings, or overnight, you’re in luck. At Dallas Janitorial, we make ourselves available 24/7 to meet any scheduling needs. We can be there anytime, even if you’re open late, or always operating.

Plus, with no long-term contracts, we can fit the needs of businesses with fluctuating hours, occasional tight back-to-back commitments, and busy or slow seasons. Especially if you run a small business or just started your business, Dallas Janitorial’s flexibility is a huge advantage.

After all, why make a large commitment to a commercial business cleaning service before you’ve seen their work? We’re on-demand, with the thoroughness and frequency of cleaning you need, whenever you need it. And our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that the job is done right, or we come back and fix it.

Serving Your Business with Professionalism

We strive to make sure your experience with us is a pleasure. We take pride in responsive, kind customer service and a stress-free set-up process. First and foremost, Dallas Janitorial is all about high professional standards and excellence in what we do.

For employees’ and customers’ health and safety, business productivity, and building a respected and successful brand, facilities must be clean and tidy. For large, medium, or small business cleaning services, we make your satisfaction our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

We customize our business cleaning costs depending on the number of rooms, the square footage, frequency, and which specialized services you need. So when you email us or call for a free quote, the price will reflect your unique cleaning needs.

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