How (and When) to Deep Clean and Sanitize Your Warehouse

For a successful operation and streamlined efficiency, regularly cleaning the warehouse should be a top priority for businesses in any industry. Studies have shown the clear connection that cleanliness has with overall job satisfaction and productivity.  If you are not keeping your warehouse clean and organized, you are not ensuring employee health and safety. Accidents […]

Why Should You Hire Cleaning Professionals after Renovation

The home serves as a canvas, offering a platform to design for purposes of comfort, practicality and artistic expression. Whether you are looking to flip a home, rent it out or fine-tune it to enjoy for years to come, renovation becomes an eventual consideration for most homeowners.  It’s normal to dive deep into remodel projects, […]

How to Prepare for Flu Season during a Pandemic

2020 has been a crazy and dangerous year. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted a lot of lives and continues to do so through the winter months. Unfortunately, this collides directly with the start of the new flu season. The flu is difficult to deal with, even in a normal year. This year has been far […]

Everything You Need to Know About High-Level Disinfection

The Dallas area has been hit especially hard by COVID-19. As of November 9, 2020, a total of 112,000 cases and over 1300 deaths have occured. The pandemic is refusing to go down without a fight. But then again, neither are we humans. With viruses as prevalent as COVID-19 becoming an unwanted part of everyday […]

Why is a Logistics Disinfection Service Important?

The coronavirus pandemic has added a fundamental focus on maintaining germ-free workplaces to everyday business operations. A health crisis like COVID has serious implications for long-term health of employees and the production capabilities of a business. Having a comprehensive plan for work spaces to prevent outbreaks and mitigate infection is now a vital consideration for […]