Advantages of Sanitize the Bathrooms on Your Commercial Property

Sanitization has made its way to the top of the priority list for not only businesses across the United States but around the world as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about being “clean“. What qualified as “sanitized” just over five months ago would not necessarily qualify today. With the coronavirus […]

Sanitizing Services For Dallas Workplaces

Viruses are the smallest of all the microbes. They are said to be so small that 500 million rhinoviruses (which cause the common cold) could fit on to the head of a pin. In 2020, many Dallas clients are asking for help controlling these tiny particles to keep their facilities disinfected and safe for both […]

Sanitizing To Protect Your Business

The country is in a flurry of cleanliness right now. Dallas, Texas residents have been getting hit particularly hard with struggling between staying inside and safe, and going out and getting their life back. Precautions are still being taken by the public, but additional sanitizing opportunities could be taken in your own home. Now more […]