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Sanitize your office with commercial coronavirus cleaning services

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disinfecting cleaning services

Commercial COVID-19 Cleaning

Protect Your Team and Your Customers with a Commercial Disinfectant Solution from Dallas Janitorial Services

The COVID-19 virus changed the way businesses operate. A regularly sanitized office is no longer just a preference – it’s a necessity to ensure the health and safety of your people. 

Keep your work space open and sanitized by fighting the virus with a commercial virus disinfectant solution from Dallas Janitorial Services. 

Following the latest recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and using cleaning supplies approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we use the newest and most effective hospital-grade disinfectants to keep your work space safe, clean and open for business.

Commercial Electrostatic Cleaning Services

Wipe Out the Corona Virus

The COVID-19 virus is very small, ranging from 70-90 nanometers. Something that tiny can find a lot of places to hide in your work space, like the spaces between the keys on your keyboard the microphone holes on your phone. 

At Dallas Janitorial Services, we use electrostatic disinfecting solutions to sanitize your office after we give it a thorough, professional cleaning. 

Electrostatic disinfecting works by adding a negative charge to our disinfecting solution as it is sprayed into the air. The negative charge makes the molecules in the solution repel each other, therefore dispersing into the air with greater distance. However, since most surface are neutral, the cleaning solution is attracted to them, allowing for an even distribution of the disinfectant as the molecules wraps around any exposed surfaces.

We Follow CDC Guidelines to Protect Your Team and Ours

At Dallas Janitorial Services, the health and safety of our crews, your team and the public are our top priorities. 

We stay up-to-date on the latest news and recommendations from the CDC, EPA, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and follow the safety, infection control and cleaning protocols recommended by their panels of global experts.

disinfecting cleaning services

Let’s Work Together to Keep Your Office Safe So You Can Stay in Business

Few businesses can continue to successfully operate after a lengthy shutdown. That’s why we partner with you to understand the traffic patterns and occupancy trends in your office, school or showroom. This allows us to determine your specific needs and give you a customized commercial sanitation recommendation to help you reduce the risk of contamination in your office.

For more information on keeping your company safe and productive, schedule a call when it’s convenient for you.

Our Disinfecting Cleaning Services