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Owning your own business means taking appropriate measures to ensure the success of your company. You take the time to evaluate process for efficiency and productivity. You spend time and money training your employees on how to provide the best level of customer service. You should also be taking initiatives to help your employees stay healthy and productive.

One of the best ways to help your Fort Worth employees maintain their health and meet your standards is by making sure the environment they work in safe and healthy. Because without a healthy staff ready to provide the highest-quality of work, your products and services depreciate in value.

Maintaining Employee Health And Safety Through Executive Commercial Cleaning Services In Fort Worth

Believe it or not, your employees health IS affected by the environments they work in. Unsanitary bathrooms, breakrooms that are not sanitized, or cluttered piles of garbage can all contribute to the absenteeism of an employee. Not just due to ill-health, but injuries are also common in unclean commercial buildings.

In 2016, the U.S. Centers for disease Control and Prevention reported that absenteesism is responsible for $225.8 billion in productivity losses for employers.

But, you can combat the absenteeism in your company by providing the best quality of environment for your employees to work in. How do you do that? By hiring a commercial services company in Fort Worth that focus on your specific needs, pays thorough attention to the details, and provides a higher-level of clean than your competitors. To be the best, you have to be the best in every area – including within your company structure.

The CLEAN Difference

There is a difference between companies who claim to provide the best commercial cleaning services, and companies who provide more than you expect.

For example, your current cleaning company may come in during the evening when customers aren’t moving in and out of your office and dust your bookshelves, take out the trash, and wipe down the bathrooms. This may seem great to you because every morning when you walk in, you notice a nice clean smell and you can see that the company has done their job.

Great! They are doing what they are supposed to. BUT, do you have trouble contacting them? Do you notice that even though the bookshelves are dusted, the blinds and window sills are collecting dust? Are the bathrooms cleaned, but never stocked well? Does the breakroom look clean, but smell musty?

Even though things appear to be “clean” doesn’t mean that they are. And it doesn’t mean that your commercial cleaning service is giving you what you are paying for.

What Should You Expect?

To be the best in the business, you need to approach your company from all angles. You need the best quality of product or service, excellent customer care, and happy, healthy employees who like their jobs. Nobody wants to work in a dirty space, and even if your office looks clean, it doesn’t mean that it is sanitary and disinfected.

Commerical cleaning services are not meant to make things look clean, but to actually clean. That means bacteria and pathogens are destroyed, harmful allergens are eliminated, and contaminants that cause illness are taken out completely. You should always expect more than “surface-level”cleaning with a top-of-the-line commercial cleaning service. In Fort Worth, Dallas Janitorial takes those extra steps that other companies don’t to make sure that your business flourishes much better than your competitors. We take care of the wellness of your building, so that you can focus more on your product/service and exceeding your customer’s needs.

Professional Commercial Services In Fort Worth

Dallas Janitorial practices what we preach. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that we do our jobs right so your employees can stay healthy and focus on theirs. Your company is required to provide a certain level of health and safety within your company, but we believe that your company and employees deserve more than just what is required.

Contact Dallas Janitorial today to learn about our commerical services in Fort Worth and how we can help you be the best in the industry – starting from the inside!

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