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Ensuring Exhibits are the Focal Point

In any museum, the exhibits must be the star of the show. The art, artifacts, and/or educational displays deserve a clean and tidy space in which to shine and inspire guests.

As hundreds of people come and go daily, it’s essential to keep visitors and staff safe and healthy. With a newfound emphasis on diligent cleaning, many museums are re-entering cold and flu seasons after widespread closures due to the Covid pandemic.

The past few years have understandably made the public more concerned about cleanliness than ever. So we provide stellar cleaning services and follow all relevant EPA, OSHA, and CDC guidance to keep visitors and workers comfortable and happy.

Front-and-Center and Behind the Scenes

When most people think about professional cleaning services, they think about common areas, restroom cleaning and sanitization, garbage removal, floors, doors, and glass. At Dallas Janitorial, we don’t just clean at the point of sale and other basic areas.

We can take care of all spaces, both visible and behind the scenes, too. We can polish the most visible surfaces in exhibit spaces like display cases to do your displays justice. We also pay close attention to all frequent touch points, whether accessible to the public or in staff areas like breakrooms, storage, offices, and meeting rooms.

One Source for Every Museum Cleaning Need

Many museums have cafeterias and cafes and host events like weddings, proms, galas, benefits, and exhibit openings. With Dallas Janitorial Services, you can simplify your cleaning service procurement by trusting us with every cleaning need.

As a well-rounded cleaning company with backgrounds in food and beverage, convention centers, hotels, schools, places of worship, and venues, you can trust us with every element of your establishment’s cleaning.

We know all the complexities of pre- and post-event cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and the health and safety requirements of spaces for food prep and consumption.

Plus, we offer 24/7 availability, so you never have to worry about the cleaning schedule interfering with events or business hours. Plan that late-night event, set up your cleaning services with Dallas Janitorial, and leave the rest to us so you can open at your regular time the next morning without a hitch.

Cleaning Excellence with Contract and Cost Flexibility


The first step is to contact Dallas Janitorial for your free quote. For pricing, our polite and accommodating customer service will ask about the number of rooms, square footage, and specialized services you need.

Then, you have our word that when we arrive to clean your space, our work will meet or exceed your expectations. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee specifies that if anything isn’t up to your standards, we’ll return to fix it.

And don’t worry about a big commitment when you haven’t yet witnessed our museum cleaning services for yourself. We don’t require you to sign any long-term contracts, because we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our services. That also gives you the freedom to decide at what frequency you need certain cleaning details completed.

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