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Hire the Best Stadium Cleaning Services In Your Area

Few cleaning jobs are as daunting as an entire stadium. Hundreds or even thousands of people gather to eat, drink, socialize, and enjoy a game or concert. It’s a recipe for fun, but it’s also an optimal environment for the spread of germs and illness.

Now that the years-long clouds of Covid are breaking, visitors need to feel safe as they stand in line and sit shoulder-to-shoulder, purchase and enjoy food and beverages, and use crowded restrooms.

Even now that sanitary conditions, public health and safety are more important than ever, no job is too big for Dallas Janitorial. We have what it takes to help you maintain a safe workplace for employees and a space for guests to relax.

Elevating Cleanliness - Setting a New Standard Above and Beyond

At an establishment as large as a stadium, it’s all too easy for something to fall through the cracks. But we take OSHA, EPA, and CDC guidelines seriously.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, Dallas Janitorial promises to not only uphold the bare minimum protocol but to meet or exceed your expectations. If any aspect of our stadium cleaning services falls short, we will correct the issue as soon as possible.

When you choose Dallas Janitorial, the basic floor and window cleaning, restroom sanitization, common area disinfecting, and waste removal are just the start. We can take care of pre- and post-event cleaning, point of sale, kitchens, concessions, and other food/beverage responsibilities.

Not only will the floors and windows gleam, but all seats, tables, upholstery, offices, storage spaces, conference rooms, and employee spaces like break rooms will be immaculate. That includes all frequent touch points.

Transforming Spaces, Mastering the Grandeur – Dallas Janitorial Excels in Every Sweep


Across Texas, we provide stadium cleaning services for the following types of stadiums:

  • Football Stadium Cleaning
  • Rugby Stadium Cleaning
  • Athletic Stadium Cleaning
  • Track Stand Cleaning
  • Arena Cleaning
  • Concert Stadium Cleaning
  • Festival Stadium Cleaning
  • Grand Stand Cleaning
  • Cricket Stand Cleaning
  • All other types of stadiums

High, hard-to-reach places are fine because we also do warehouses and industrial cleaning. Concessions, kitchens, and dining spaces are no problem because we know restaurants, casinos, and bars.

We can tackle any locker rooms, too, because we do gyms and fitness centers. If and when your facility undergoes repairs or renovations, we can manage that, too, because we clean construction sites.

Plus, our experience in retail, offices, places of worship, convention centers, music, and event venues means that no part of your stadium cleaning job is out of reach.

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At Your Service

Stadiums can have wildly fluctuating business hours and busy seasons. So, we prioritize customer service and all-around flexibility.

We are available to help 24/7, working around your schedule, no matter how demanding. When you call or email us for your free quote, we customize your stadium cleaning pricing to the size of the space, the complexity of the job, and the extent of specialized services you need.

Our attentive customer service makes the set-up a breeze, then we go to work making you and your guests and employees happy. No need for long-term contracts, because you shouldn’t have to commit to a stadium cleaning service before seeing the work first-hand. Plus, we bet our cleaning is professional enough that you’ll want to use Dallas Janitorial again.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stadium Cleaning

How long does it take to clean up after a baseball game?

It varies depending on the size of the sporting venue, attendance levels, and how much mess is left behind to clean up. However, not accounting for weather, it takes about 4-5 hours to clean a professional stadium, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium, after a game ends. For smaller minor league stadiums, it may take 1-2 hours. 

How do they clean a stadium after a sporting event?

First, the cleaners must remove trash from the aisles, underneath seats, and various hiding places. Next, the trash bins must be emptied throughout the stadium, including restrooms. For larger stadiums, such as a football or baseball venue, this can be a time-consuming cleaning process. 

Oftentimes, cleaning crews will use leaf blowers to gather all the trash into one area, making it easier to quickly suck up debris with an industrial sweeper. For hallways and concession areas, crews will use industrial sweepers to clean up dust and debris. 

Once debris is removed, cleaners will spray rows of seats with a cleaning and disinfecting solution, then use a high-pressure spray to eradicate germs. After seating is cleaned, cleaning crews will mop floors, especially in restrooms. Restrooms must be cleaned after every event, including cleaning toilets, wiping sinks, and mopping floors.

How do stadiums get cleaned every day?

Sports stadiums need regular daily cleaning to keep them ready for sporting events and concerts. Plus, regular cleaning helps cut down on the overall cleaning time. Daily cleaning may include:

  • Trash pickup and removal
  • Daily sweeping with an industrial sweeper
  • Wiping down seats
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning bathrooms

Daily cleaning is essential to prevent the spread of germs, especially during times when seasonal illnesses are high. 

How do stadiums clean up confetti?

Confetti is the perfect way to celebrate a big win, but it can be challenging to clean up, which is why stadiums rely on professional cleaning crews. To tidy up confetti, cleaners will need a vacuum, such as an industrial sweeper, to suck it up off the floor. 

Some stadiums are choosing to use biodegradable confetti that naturally disintegrates and makes it easier to clean up.

How do you clean bleacher seats?

To remove sticky residue, spills, and crumbs from bleacher seats, cleaners will use mild soap and hot water. This mixture also stops oxidation staining from occurring on the bleacher planks. They will spray this cleaner on a row of seats and use a high-pressure spray to clean it off the seats.