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    Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Irving TX

    Save Money, Get Clean Premises, & Never Worry about Your Janitorial Services Again!

    Does this story sound familiar to you?

    You hire a building cleaning service. Or maybe you’ve had one for a while. And maybe you’re newly hired and it’s your job to stay in touch with them.

    But things never seem to quite get done right.

    There’s obvious sloppy cleaning mistakes that shouldn’t be made.

    You call management on the phone. If you can get a hold of them, they’re either disrespectful or don’t address your issue.

    And since you’ve switched janitorial services in the past, you know you get roughly the same dissatisfying experience with every other commercial cleaning company in Irving, TX.

    You are constantly stressed, worried, aggravated, and frustrated. It’s hard to be nice to people entering and leaving your organization.

    Our owner knows exactly why you repeatedly face these same problems over and over again. It’s because the franchises focus on maximizing their profit, leaving the franchisee cutting corners to make their business work.

    With high franchise ownership fees at several franchises in the past, our owner had to cut corners with service quality and not hire the best employees. He had to just to stay in business.

    And he didn’t like it one bit, so that’s why he founded Dallas Janitorial Services!

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    How Our Irving Cleaning Services Consistently Delivers You Fresh-Smelling Premises…

    When you have the right business model in place behind the scenes, it’s relatively easy to do!

    Instead of paying franchise fees, that money goes toward providing you with competent employees, shimmering floors, and fresh-smelling floors.

    To start, only committed employees get hired. They’re background-checked, drug-tested, and E-Verified (means they’re legal to work in the US). Plus, we even hire employees near your physical location so they’re always on time.

    To top it off, they have a militant nighttime supervisor who does a 100-point check of all work they do. That’s all the supervisor does – they don’t do anything else.

    Finally, a dedicated service manager addresses all your questions and concerns. They have decision-making power, and all they do is interact with customers.

    With a group of specialists (janitor, nighttime supervisor, service manager) working together, you get consistently excellent service every time.

    Janitorial Services in Irving, TX That Don’t Require a Contract!

    You can sign a contract if your organization requires one. However, we don’t need one.

    That means you try our office cleaning services without any risk – you can leave any time, and for any reason (we just ask for 30 days’ written notice). No questions asked.

    Learn how we can give you a beautiful building time and time again, Dallas Janitorial Services at 214-326-0397

    We also service Garland, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Lewisville and other communities in the Metroplex.

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