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    Reliable, Professional Janitorial Services in Addison, TX

    What’s more important to you when you look for janitorial services in Addison, TX – price or quality service?

    Have you ever hired the cheaper company, or even a franchise? Sure, you save a few bucks. But, to give you a lower price, they have to cut corners somewhere.

    And the final result you experience is cleaning professionals who don’t show up on time, dirty premises, and an impossibly maddening time calling someone and getting the problems fixed!

      Sure, some office cleaning companies in Addison, TX charge a little more for their service. But, then you get what you want:

    • Proactive phone calls to see how your janitorial service meets your needs
    • Fresh-smelling premises
    • Shimmering floors and windows
    • Beautifully clean carpets
    • Never having to worry or even think about your janitorial service – the work is always done, and it’s done well

    You shouldn’t have to spend time supervising your commercial cleaning service. You should only have to think about your daily responsibilities at your job.

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    How Do WE Deliver High-Quality Cleaning Service Every Time?

    Well, let us tell you a short story. You see, our founder is a career cleaning pro. He’s owned and operated cleaning franchises in the past.

    The problem with these franchises is they charge exorbitantly high fees to the franchisees. Just to keep their business operating, they have to cut corners when hiring employees and performing the service.

    Frustrated with this and the problems it causes, our founder chose to create his own professional cleaning company. Now, he doesn’t have to pay those fees. Instead, he focuses on using every dollar to deliver you an exceptional quality of service.

    How Our Cleaning Service Works?

      At Dallas Janitorial Services, we:

    • Drug test, background check, and E-Verify (ensures their legal to work in the US) all job applicants
    • Have a night-time supervisor do a thorough 100-point inspection of all work done for you (They do not clean or interact with customers – they only inspect employee’s work)
    • Assign you a dedicated service manager whose exclusive responsibility is to take your phone calls and promptly address your questions and concerns (and they have the decision-making power to do what you ask)

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    Dallas Janitorial has a 95% client retention rate – one of the highest in the Metroplex.

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