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    Offers Custom, Comprehensive Office and Building Cleaning

    We earn your business every month – you do not sign a contract with Dallas Janitorial Services (unless you need one). Your building’s space shines and smells good every time we finish cleaning it.

    And if you’re not happy for any reason, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place to cover you. Notify us within 24 hours of what’s wrong and we’ll redo the work free.

    Our night-time supervisors perform a meticulous 100-point quality inspection of all janitorial services performed. We serve growing businesses of all types, and specialize in schools and childcare facilities.


    View us as your one-stop shop for everything you need cleaned. Windows, floors, walls, carpets, offices, and bathrooms – our talented cleaning professionals do it all.

    You never need to order your own supplies, and you can count on our pros to always contact you first. You get to spend more time serving your customers or students, while we take care of the dirty work.

      We are able to provide such a high quality of service because we only hire the best cleaning professionals. Here’s what we do to ensure only the most talented pros work with us:

    • Thorough background checks
    • Regular drug tests
    • E-verification (a check with the Federal government the employee can legally work in the US)

    Finally, we have a dedicated service coordinator who assesses your needs personally and handles all client communications. Using specialized cleaning, inspection, and client coordinating pros like this allows us to deliver you a high level of quality for a competitive price.

    Allen, TX Janitorial Services That Eliminate All the Headaches

      Think of all the stresses and hassles you usually experience with your janitorial service:

    • Multiple phone calls to get the work done the way you want
    • Difficulty getting in touch with the cleaning company
    • Not knowing who to call
    • Ordering the necessary supplies and picking them up yourself

    To some degree, you end up supervising your janitorial service yourself! At Dallas Janitorial Services, this doesn’t happen.

    We take the entire process off your hands and give you the professional quality of cleaning you want so you can focus on running your organization.

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    No two companies, schools, or childcare facilities are alike, so we talk with you and visit your location to get a precise understanding of your cleaning needs.

    Your commercial cleaning quote is absolutely FREE – there’s no obligation to purchase.

    And if you choose to use our janitorial services, our 100% satisfaction guarantee covers you.

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    PS – We’re fully certified, bonded, and insured.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Our Allen Commercial Cleaning Services

    Some of these questions are common ones you should ask, while others are ones customers like you ask all the time.

    Here are the most common questions you should ask – and their answers:

    1. Do you own your business, or are you a franchise?

    We are 100% privately owned and operated. You want a privately owned business and not a franchise because franchises resell your contract for three times what you paid for it, they take a cut, and leave nothing for the franchise owner to do their job. At Dallas Janitorial, the money you pay doesn’t sit in someone’s pocket – it goes to giving you better quality service.

    2. Do you use green cleaning products?

    We do wherever possible, but not in all cases. We’ve found customers prefer a clean smell and appearance, and green cleaning products can’t always make that happen.

    3. Do you use any special cleaning techniques to get better-than-average results?

    Yes, and this one’s our little secret. To stop cross-contamination, we use separate rags for desks and phones and restrooms. The restroom rags always get disposed of.

    Most janitorial services use color-coded rags. During shift changes, that leaves room for misunderstandings – and your desks get cleaned with restroom rags sometimes.

    Pleasant thought, right?

    4. Do your employees really live close to our location?

    As close as possible, yes. With franchises, employees may live 1-2 hours away. Inevitably, that leads to missed shifts, tired employees, and lower work quality. Our night-time supervisors hire people 15-30 minutes from your location to keep your service quality high.

    5. Will you match a competitor’s price?

    Sorry, we can’t. We don’t charge the most expensive prices in the industry, but we do charge above average. That allows us to hire the best employees for you, and also their night-time supervisors and your dedicated service manager. You get what you pay for, and you get higher service quality at Dallas Janitorial. Many customers come to us after going with the cheaper guy.

    6. Do you offer any additional cleaning services?

    We also restock your supplies for you. And customers lately have been raving about our Day Porter Services, which keep your building clean, presentable, and efficient during the day.

    Reliable and quality janitorial services are just a phone call away. Call us at 214-326-0397 or contact us online today for your FREE quote.

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