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    How hard is it to find commercial cleaning in Arlington, TX that does a great job every time and doesn’t require you to be the supervisor? It’s remarkably difficult, isn’t it?

    It seems like you always have to call the company multiple times to get the job done right. Sometimes, it’s impossible to actually talk to anyone at all.

    So you’re dissatisfied with the service, but then you’re locked into a contract for several months yet too.

    Unfortunately, it happens a lot in the janitorial industry. You know what you need – a commercial cleaner that shows up on-time, every time and always does exceptional work for you. And wouldn’t it be nice to not have to sign a contract either, just in case something went wrong?

    Well, you get the solution to all these problems with Dallas Janitorial Services.

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    What Does Dallas Janitorial Services Do to Keep Your Quality of Service and Work so High?

    Let us tell you a brief story. Our owner’s a career cleaning professional. Before founding Dallas Janitorial Services, he operated cleaning franchises.

    He ran into the same problem again and again: the high franchise fees he had to pay. Because they were so high, he was forced to cut corners in other places, like not hiring the best employees, or not giving top-quality service. He had to do it just to stay in business.

    Of course, he got frustrated and angry because he couldn’t deliver the level of service he wanted.

    So he founded Dallas Janitorial, and now he can use all the time and financial resources available to give you great service and sparkling clean premises.

      Here’s how it works:

    • Only the best new hires are selected
    • They have to pass a background check, drug test, and are checked to be 100% legal to work in the US
    • You get a nighttime supervisor who does not clean or help with customer service – they only perform 100-point inspections of employee work
    • You also get a service manager exclusively dedicated to handling all your questions and concerns (and they have decision-making power)

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