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    Never Worry about Your Colleyville, TX Office Cleaning Services Again!

    How many office cleaning companies have you been through? How long does the average contract last?

    Even when you are under contract, what’s the quality of service you get? How many times do you have to call before they fix things? Can you even get a hold of anyone?

    At Dallas Janitorial, our owner knows all the problems you go through because he’s seen them all firsthand.

    What happens is the big franchises charge amazingly high fees. So, the franchise owners have to cut corners somewhere.

    They hire the nearest warm body instead of the most competent professional. Those employees don’t get the best (if any) supervision.

    What you see is sloppy work, and then you have difficulty talking to anyone when you have a concern, or getting the quality of work you pay for.

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    All Those Problems Go Away When You Employ Our Colleyville Janitorial Company!

    Seriously, they do. You see, Dallas Janitorial Services literally professionalizes the office cleaning industry.

    You get a level of service unduplicated in the industry – that’s why we keep a 95% client retention rate.

      Here’s how we make it happen for you:

    • All employees get background-checked, drug-tested, and E-Verified (means they’re 100% legal to work in the US)
    • They live near your location so you get prompt service
    • Experienced night-time supervisors do a thorough 100-point check on all work performed
    • You get a dedicated service manager (with decision-making power) assigned solely to addressing your questions and concerns

    No Contracts (Or Hassles) When You Use Our Building Cleaning Services

    We know it can be scary to try out a contracted service of any kind. And you shouldn’t feel trapped in a service you don’t want.

    That’s why you do not need to sign a contract with us (unless you require one). You do sign an agreement outlining your service scope and costs. But it doesn’t bind you to a certain length of the relationship. You simply give us 30 days’ written notice – and you can move on.

    Think of it this way: we have to earn your business every month, so we’re incented to do high-quality work all the time.

    And if you ever feel you can get better service somewhere else, you’re free to go whenever you want.

    With our professional services, you never even have to think about what’s going on. Everything’s done without any supervision from you.

    And when you check the supply closet – you always find it fully stocked.

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