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    Is Your Building Cleaning Contract Up? Why You Should Never Sign Another One:

    That’s because it forces the service provider to give you service that makes you happy. Think about – you could leave at any time and for any reason. That puts a ton of pressure on the service provider to keep you happy.

    The only reason they have you sign a contract is to have guaranteed revenue. Why else would they have you sign one?

    But at Dallas Janitorial, we have a 95% client retention rate that’s unmatched in the cleaning industry. That’s how we do business – with a focus on great cleaning quality and as little back-and-forth possible.

    That’s how we’re able to not just stay, but to thrive in business in Fairview, TX and the rest of the metroplex. Customers don’t want to leave – even though they have the power to fire us and move on at any time.

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    How Does Our Fairview Janitorial Company Consistently Offer Such Stellar Service?

    Well, let us tell you a story.

    Our owner is actually a career cleaning professional. He’s operated several commercial cleaning franchises.

    And he learned firsthand exactly why many are not able to provide quality service. It’s usually because the franchise fees to operate the company are so high.

    That doesn’t leave enough to pay the best employees to do exceptional quality work. So, you have to hire the nearest warm body and cut corners with services and work processes to keep your franchise afloat.

      However, now our owner runs Dallas Janitorial Services – and he doesn’t have franchise fees to pay. So, now those funds go to help him do things like:

    • Hiring the very best cleaning professionals available
    • Using only top-rated cleaning supplies
    • Employing night-time supervisors to do thorough 100-point inspections of all work done for you
    • Assigning you a dedicated service manager whose only responsibility is to make sure you’re ecstatic with the quality of your work and service

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