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    Professional Building Cleaning in Farmer’s Branch, TX that Doesn’t Require a Contract!

    Feel trapped in your current building cleaning contract? There’s usually a good reason for that.

    It’s because you’re not happy with the quality of service you get right now. Maybe that means things just don’t smell or look as clean as you expect. Or maybe you know the cleaning company doesn’t always show up as promised.

    But, nevertheless, you’re still stuck with the contract. And most cleaning companies require them because they want to protect their bottom line.

    But at Dallas Janitorial, we never require you to sign a contract (unless your organization absolutely requires one). You do sign an agreement clarifying your services and costs. But it doesn’t commit you to a length of time in the relationship. We know how important it is in this industry to show you the quality of service you get – and then constantly live up to that high standard month after month.

    So, if you’re not happy at any time, even for the slightest reason, you can simply cancel your service with us and move on. Just give us 30 days’ written notice – and you’re free to go.

    But, we have a 95% client retention rate, so we’re pretty confident you won’t want to leave once you try us out.

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    Why Hire Us to do Your Building Cleaning in Farmer’s Branch, TX?

    What you really want is a clean building that makes a great impression on your employees, customers, visitors, or guests, right?

    Well, that’s what you get with Dallas Janitorial. Your floors shimmer. Your windows – they’re spotless. No stains on your carpet. And your bathroom? It smells amazingly fresh and clean just like you expect!

    What really makes it happen is what goes on behind the scenes. For starters, our owner runs the company – he doesn’t have to pay outrageous franchise fees. So, those dollars go towards hiring the best cleaning pros and giving you the best service instead of the founder’s pockets.

      Here’s how it works:

    • Only the most talented cleaning pros get hired
    • They get background-checked, drug-tested, and verified to be legal to work in the US
    • They have a supervisor whose only job is to perform thorough 100-point inspections of their work
    • If you have any questions or concerns, you get a separate service manager 100% dedicated to addressing them

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    Do you really want to put up with the less-than-stellar service you get from other commercial cleaners?
    Or would you rather get the best service, the kind you never have to worry about, from Dallas Janitorial?

    The choice is yours. To get your FREE quote and free 30 days’ service (whatever you’d like)

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