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    Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company in Garland TX

    You Never Have To Supervise Our Office and Building Cleaning Specialists

    You never sign a contract to work with us (unless you require one) – we will earn your business every month. We are confident that after you experience our high quality of work and proactive customer service, that you will choose to use our janitorial services for the rest of your organization’s lifetime.

      How do we do things differently than other building cleaning services in Garland, TX? For starters, we keep a very professional staff in place at all times by:

    • Performing thorough background checks
    • E-verifying all candidates (this makes sure they can legally work in the United States)
    • Regularly drug testing all employees
    • Requiring each employee to train for two weeks under a more experienced cleaning professional
    • Starting all cleaning professionals off at smaller organizations and moving them on to bigger jobs as they prove their reliability
    • Holding our cleaning professionals accountable for their results
      Basically, we’re professionalizing the janitorial industry. Only the most skilled pros do the most challenging work. Besides getting experienced cleaning professionals, you also:

    • Have a cleaning quality inspector who performs a 100-point inspection of all work done at your location
    • Get a fully dedicated service manager whose sole responsibility is to understand your needs and concerns, and make sure you’re satisfied with our services

    Using experienced, dedicated cleaning, inspection, and client relationship professionals like this allows us to deliver you a cleaner building and smooth, hassle-free service. Instead of managing your building cleaning service, you spend more time running your organization and serving your clients, customers, or students.

    You won’t have to deal with problems like making phone calls trying to get better quality service, being unable to contact your commercial cleaning company, or picking up your own restroom cleaning supplies.

    Dallas Janitorial Services manages the entire cleaning process for you!


    Providing Turn-Key Building Cleaning in Garland, TX

    We train our professionals to handle any cleaning task your organization encounters. Windows, walls, tile or laminate floors, carpet stains – you name it, we can do it.

    We serve all organizations in all industries, but work especially well for schools, churches, and childcare facilities.

    Dallas Janitorial Services has a 95% client retention rate.

    When our services are completed, your building looks and smells amazingly clean, just like you’d expect from a professional building cleaning service.

    Garland, TX Commercial Cleaning Company Offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Even though we have a very professional team of cleaners, sometimes things don’t work out as expected. If that happens, and you’re unhappy with any of our services, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place. We’ll redo any work that wasn’t quite right completely free of charge (just notify us within 24 hours of the event).

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