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    Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning in Grande Prairie TX

    Get Fresh-Smelling Premises in about a Month with Our Professional Janitorial Services

    Does your building look and smell as clean as you want? Or does it leave something to be desired?

    Are there a few smudges here and there? Maybe it doesn’t smell like cleaning solution. Perhaps you find a spot on the corner of your carpet. The list goes on and on…

    But the point is your building just isn’t quite as clean as you would have it.

    Unfortunately, it’s a common problem in the janitorial industry. Few companies truly take their profession seriously.

    They simply hire the nearest warm body to do the work. When the new hire’s quality slips too much, they get fired and someone else takes their place. Ever heard the phrase “churn’n’burn?”

    To get good quality commercial cleaning service, you have to hire someone who takes it seriously as a career path. It’s just like hiring a contractor to work in your home. Do you hire someone who clearly just started, or do you go with the most experienced guy?

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    Our Office Cleaning Services Professionalize the Cleaning Industry!

    We don’t hire the first person available. You see, our owner’s a career cleaning pro.

    He’s owned several franchises, and now owns and runs Dallas Janitorial. He knows a talented, committed professional when he sees one.

    Only the very best get hired. And they only get to move on to more complicated jobs as they prove their trustworthiness.


    • All cleaning professionals are drug tested, background checked, and E-Verified to prove they’re 100% legal to work in the US
    • A dedicated nighttime supervisor does a ridiculously thorough 100-point inspection of all cleaning done for you
    • A separate service manager handles all your questions or concerns and gets you a solution that works

    And on top of all that, you never sign a contract with Dallas Janitorial. We want you to feel 100% safe and secure that you can try us out with absolutely no fear of any risk.

    To cancel your services, you simply send us a written note with 30 days’ notice.

    But we’re pretty confident you’ll like us – because we have a 95% client retention rate.

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    Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with any aspect of your service for any reason, just let us know. We’ll come and redo the work – completely free of charge – until you’re happy.

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