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    Janitorial Cleaning in McKinney Texas

    Only the Most Skilled Professionals Serve Our McKinney Commercial Clients

    Our professionals are the very best in the industry, and they give you a shimmering floor and clean-smelling room each and every time.

    How are we able to make this happen?

    We follow several steps to make sure every janitorial professional hired is among the most skilled available:

    • Perform thorough background checks
    • Drug test every candidate
    • E-verify each applicant, which ensures they’re legally allowed to work in the United States
    • All employees are initially trusted with jobs that do not require a high degree of skill. As they prove their competence and trustworthiness, they take on more challenging tasks.
    • Supervisors perform thorough inspections on all their work to ensure perfect workmanship each and every time

    Instead of worrying about your janitorial services, you get to focus on what you enjoy most about your job because you have night-time supervisors performing rigorous 100-point inspections of your building.

    What Happens When Your Building & Office Cleaning Services Don’t Go Perfectly?

    Sometimes, your janitorial service makes mistakes. No working relationship ever goes 100% smoothly.

      But besides hiring the best cleaning professionals and inspecting their work thoroughly, we also keep a couple other checks in place to give you the best quality of work possible:

    • Dedicated service managers are fully devoted to your satisfaction. They personally identify your cleaning needs, and have the power to make a decision whenever you call with a concern.
    • A 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means we’ll reclean any part of the job that wasn’t quite right completely free of charge (just let us know within 24 hours of the event).
      This thorough approach helps you avoid many of the common problems that affect the janitorial industry, like:

    • Staff that don’t show up
    • Poor cleaning quality
    • Supplies that don’t get restocked
    • You having to feel like you’re managing the office cleaning company

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    No two organizations have the exact same janitorial needs. That’s why it’s important for us to come and visit your location in person. But, we do offer you a commercial cleaning quote completely for FREE.

    We’ll custom-design your service plan to meet your exact needs and specifications. And then you simply forget about your services because you know you’re hiring one that does it all right.

    And don’t forget you always have a 100% satisfaction guarantee covering you, and you never have to sign a contract (unless you require one).

    Get your FREE quote when you call us today at 214-326-0397, or by contacting Dallas Janitorial Services online.

    No Contracts, No Hassles with Dallas Janitorial Services

    Sometimes, you think getting good janitorial service is a tall order. You want someone who shows up on time, every time, and cleans your building to perfection.

    You’re right – that is the exception in the janitorial industry, not the rule. But your customers expect a perfectly clean building when they enter. And your employees experience greater morale and productivity when you have clean bathrooms too.

    Our owner knows exactly why this happens because he’s been in the janitorial industry for more than a decade. Many building cleaning companies are franchises. To maximize their profit margins, they pass on all sorts of fees to franchise owners.

    Strapped trying to make ends meet, franchise owners cut corners – and that’s when you experience low-quality service. Independent cleaners often do the work for money, so they’re not as passionate about giving you stellar service.

    That’s why our owner founded Dallas Janitorial Services. So instead of paying high franchise fees, he uses that capital to hire better, and more, workers to give you the great quality of service you deserve.

    Your Building or Office Looks and Smells Clean When Your Service Finishes

    Let us be honest here: shimmering floors and a fresh scent give an impression your building is “clean.” But, sophisticated technological equipment often finds that while buildings often appear clean, there’s actually lots of germs and bacteria left behind.

    Besides having that clean impression, we also make sure your premises is truly “clean.” Experienced night-time supervisors, whose only job is to inspect the quality of each janitor’s work, do thorough 100-point inspections. They make sure all the appropriate fixes happen when necessary.

    And speaking of those employees, they have to be good at what they do to even work on your building in the first place. We only even consider hiring janitors with at least 3 years of experience.

    And they start on the easiest tasks first, so we can assess their skills. As they prove their ability, they move on to more difficult work.

    So when we do your cleaning, you get a building that truly is “clean.”

    Imagine a Janitorial Service You Don’t Have to Supervise…

    You have enough work responsibilities during the day. You shouldn’t have to act like a supervisor to your janitorial company too. That’s why you hired them – you want their experience and expertise working for you so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

    That’s what you get with Dallas Janitorial. And we even restock your supply cabinet without you asking.

    But remember, your building’s cleanliness is truly a partnership. Dedicated service managers are on-call, ready to hear your concerns. That’s their only job – to work with you to ensure you get the high quality of service you deserve.

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