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    Janitorial Services in Parker, TX – Are You Upset with Your Current Janitorial Service?

    It’s tough to find amazing customer service in any industry.

    Do you ever wonder why that is?

    We can’t speak for other industries, but we do have an idea of why that happens in the janitorial services industry.

    And that’s because our owner has been in it for more than a decade, owning various franchises and working for different building cleaning companies.

    What he learned is that franchises are set up with the goal of making the chain’s founders rich. A number of exorbitant fees get passed onto the franchisees.

    That left our owner in a precarious position. He didn’t have enough money to make his own ends meet, and he didn’t have what he needed to hire the best employees and provide good service.

    So, he was forced to cut corners, leaving many customers upset, employees frustrated, and himself stressed and broke. And he knew he wasn’t the only franchisee doing this.

    Things could clearly be done better, so he decided to go out on his own and found Dallas Janitorial Services. Without franchise fees forcing him to cut corners, he could use all those finances to hire the best employees and deliver you grade-A service.

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    How Does Our Commercial Cleaning Process Work?

    It’s simple. We do go out of our way to hire only the most committed professionals.

      And we make that happen by:

    • Making them all pass a thorough background check and drug test
    • Using E-verification to make sure it’s legal for them to work in the US
    • Only allowing them to move up to more challenging jobs as they prove their trustworthiness.

    If they show they aren’t among the best at any stage, we part ways.

    Above each employee, we have a night-time supervisor in place. They do meticulous 100-point inspections of all employee work. And inspections are all they do.

    You also get a dedicated service manager. It’s their job to address all your questions and concerns, ensuring you get the best service possible.

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    And if something isn’t quite right when you do sign a contract, just let us know within 24 hours – and we’ll redo the work completely free of charge.

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