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    Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning Services

    Reliable, High-Quality Commercial Cleaning in The Colony, TX

    It doesn’t happen too often in office cleaning. But when it does, it’s an amazing experience. You feel oh so relaxed. In fact, you don’t even have to think about it – ever.

    You know things will always be taken care of. Everything will be shimmering clean. Employees will show up on time and do the work. And when you do have something that needs to be addressed, it happens promptly.

    What’re we talking about?

    A dream relationship with your commercial cleaning contractor. But, it’s extremely rare to find anywhere in the industry.


    How Do You Know We Offer High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Services?

    Well, there’s many reasons. Our owner has made a career out of the janitorial industry. You see, he’s worked at many franchises and knows all the common mishaps that make you angry with your building cleaning service.

      What’s the standard experience? It goes something like this:

    • You contact a few vendors for quotes
    • They talk to you, promising the moon
    • You sign the contract after some back-and-forth
    • Mistakes happen almost right away
    • Staff don’t show up on time
    • Your premises aren’t as clean as you’d hoped
    • Sometimes your building doesn’t get cleaned at all
    • You call the company, but they’re hard (or impossible) to get a hold of

    Why does this happen? Well, most janitorial franchises hire the first person they find.

      At Dallas Janitorial, we only hire those truly willing to commit themselves to cleaning excellence. And, we do a number of other things to ensure you get the highest quality work and service:

    • All new candidates undergo thorough background checks, E-verification to make sure they can legally work in the US, and 2-weeks of on-the-job training
    • 100-point inspections are performed of all cleaning work done for you
    • You get your very own service manager whose sole job is to address your questions and concerns – and who carries decision-making power

    And we even restock your cleaning supply closet for you.

    How Else Are You Protected?

    The goal of our commercial cleaning services is to earn your business every month. You do not have to sign a contract (unless you require one). That means if our quality of service dips, you have the freedom to cancel your service without any risk of penalty. Simply give 30 days’ written notice, and you’re free to go. No questions asked.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    And if you’re using our service, but something doesn’t quite go right, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee backing you. Call us within 24 hours and we’ll redo whatever didn’t make you happy – completely free of charge!

    Try Out Our Commercial Cleaning Free for 30 Days!

    We offer janitorial services for all types of organizations. Businesses, nonprofits, churches, daycares, schools, government buildings – we clean them all.

    Want to forget about your janitorial services and instead sit back and enjoy the benefits – sparkling and clean-smelling premises?

    Call Dallas Janitorial Services and try us out free for 30 days at 214-326-0397

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