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    Combat & Defend COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    We understand the importance of proper sanitation for your home and your family’s safety. Whether you want to be proactive or have had a positive COVID-19 exposure, we are available to provide discreet professional-grade disinfecting and sanitizing services to residential homes, rentals, condos, and apartments using safe a hospital grade substances approved by the EPA by the CDC.

    Reclaim your peace of mind that after our service your home will be free of ALL viruses pathogens and bacteria including Sars-2 the virus that cause Covid 19

    $499 starting price for 2500 sq. ft. ($0.20 per sqft after that)

    Treatment Preparation Steps

    • Remove any materials that could be damaged by moisture like paperwork and artwork.
    • All HVAC systems & pilot lights must be shut off.
    • ALL food items and medications MUST be removed from the area.
    • All smoke detectors must be deactivated or covered.
    • Food containers and utensils should be placed away in cupboards or drawers.
    • Any items being covered or removed should be sanitized prior with a safe product such as an alcohol-based wipe or aerosol spray.
    • All electrical equipment should be covered with plastic (e.g. TVs and computers).
    • Please allow clear access for our technicians and remove any trip hazards.

    Post Treatment Steps

    Apart from enjoying peace of mind for you and your family, the following quick housekeeping tips should be noted for continued success between disinfection services.

    • Advise family members to dry any remaining moisture with a paper towel which is then disposed of. Direct contact with hands or other parts of the body should be avoided.
    • Wash any food/drinking containers before use if they were left in an exposed location.
    • Ensure any new materials brought back into the area are properly sanitized.
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