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The country is in a flurry of cleanliness right now. Dallas, Texas residents have been getting hit particularly hard with struggling between staying inside and safe, and going out and getting their life back. Precautions are still being taken by the public, but additional sanitizing opportunities could be taken in your own home. Now more than ever, understanding sanitizing services and where they can be utilized in your home is crucial. The following are 3 rooms in your house that may need special sanitizing services.


Contrary to popular belief, the kitchen actually beats out the bathroom as being the dirtiest room in your house. Rotting food, soiled rags and sponges, garbage cans, and dirty dishes waiting in the sink all contribute to germs and bacteria proliferating and spreading to virtually every surface in the room. You can spray, wipe, scrub, soak, and clean as much as you want, but the commercial equipment and products that are available to the public will never be able to clean your kitchen as well as the industrial-strength that professional sanitizing services have access to, in addition to their years of experience and skill.

Home Office

The home office may seem to be a fairly unassuming area, with dusted table tops, vacuumed carpet, and nothing but important electronics. However, these same areas are also all high-contact surfaces, meaning they are touched a lot throughout the day. If you wear your shoes in the house, you’re tracking the entire day’s worth of street soil into your supposedly clean home office. Even if you have recently washed your hands, bacteria on your computer keyboard can build up over days of uses in between wipe downs. Other small objects, such as the mouse, writing utensils, notepads, and desktop trinkets can all house guests that you don’t want. On just the average pen, there are 200 bacteria per inch.


While we may hope our bathrooms are in no need of sanitizing as we bathe and shower ourselves, the bathroom is actually a perfect petri dish for bacteria, microbes, germs, and even mold growth. The humidity from those long, end-of-the-day showers combines with the microbes that develop with regular usage of the bathroom and allow for quick proliferation. And if you tend to flush the toilet before closing the seat, the chances of fecal-based bacteria being sprayed out and landing on various surfaces are highly increased. While bathroom surfaces are often low or nonporous, dangerous bacteria can still cultivate on every mirror, tile, toilet, tub, door, sink, and shelf. That’s not even taking into account the porous materials you have, such as towels, washcloths, and bathrobes. Rather than stress cleaning your entire house, contact local sanitizing services, who are able to provide industry-standard service and advice.

Sanitizing Services In Dallas

Dallas Janitorial Services is a commercial sanitizing service company located in Dallas, Texas.
Locally owned and operated, Dallas Janitorial Services has a reputation that is upheld by its 95% client retention rate and its incredible customer service. They custom tailor each cleaning service plan for each project and ensure high-quality customer service with a single point of contact on their team. This professional team offers the latest cleaning products, equipment, and methods, handled by highly trained industry professionals, and provides everything from extensive one-time cleaning and sanitizing, to routine inspections and daily duties such as bathroom product delivery. The fully bonded, insured, and certified company offers competitive pricing, a money-back guarantee, and doesn’t require you to sign a contract.

The country may be unsure about the next steps it needs to take to keep its citizens safe. Luckily for Dallas residents, you never have to be unsure about who will keep you safe in your own home. Our sanitizing service experts offer some of the best sanitizing services in the industry, you can be sure of that.

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