Carpet Cleaning

DSC00558Commercial carpet cleaning is an essential element when it comes to keeping your office or retail space looking great. Commercial carpets, while generally designed to withstand heavy daily use while hiding stains and soiling, do get dirty quickly and require professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis throughout the year.

Dallas Janitorial Services typically includes a specified number of free commercial carpet cleaning visits per year with our janitorial services to keep all our locations looking their best. Additional carpet cleanings can be requested and will be minimally charged. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning services to the general public.

You can rest assured that Dallas Janitorial Services will give your carpets the attention that they need to come out clean and smelling fresh. Depending on the type of carpeting you have, we can offer either encapsulation carpet cleaning or hot water extraction carpet cleaning to keep your carpet looking its best. Both methods are effective for most commercial types of carpet at removing set-in soils and residues, while leaving your carpets fresh, clean, and residue-free. Our carpet cleaning services are environmentally friendly and effective at removing odors. We also provide special stain removing services.

We strive to keep our janitorial services and carpet cleaning services as affordable as possible, and include carpet cleaning as a value-added service for our clients, but also provide affordable commercial carpet cleaning for the general public. Contact us today to receive a free quote for commercial carpet cleaning in Dallas or to learn more about our janitorial services. Protection Status