Bathroom Hard Water Removal

sink Hard water deposits are unsightly and difficult to clean without the right equipment. After many failed attempts to remove the mineral deposits themselves, property owners come to us in distress, wondering if they need to yank out their old toilets and have new ones installed to remove the stains once and for all. The answer is no, you just need Dallas Janitorial Services to come to the rescue with acid washing!

Hard water deposits are the result of mineral buildup on the surface of  your toilet bowl, urinal, or sink. As the minerals build up, it attracts dirt, and each time the area is rinsed with water, that dirt is sealed in and more minerals are deposited, causing the cycle to repeat. As long as the water is rich in minerals, mineral deposits will continue to form on the surface, requiring regular acid washing to remove the stains. Ordinary toilet bowl cleaners cannot remove these hard water deposits.

As a special service, Dallas Janitorial Services provides restroom acid washing to remove hard water deposits and mineral deposits, restoring your toilets and urinals to like-new. Sinks and water fountains can sometimes be restored using the same process. Restroom acid washing is a free service for our janitorial customers in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. Our services are also available to the general public. Contact us today for a free quote for restroom acid washing or to learn more about our janitorial services. Protection Status