Tips for disinfecting shared office space

As one of the most transmissible viruses in human history, the Coronavirus has certainly shown us how to be hypervigilant when it comes to keeping nearby surfaces clean and shiny. As the Dallas lights turn back on all over our pretty city, Dallas Janitorial Supply is available to support you as you make sure your office space is a safe place for you and your team.

Here are a few tips and pointers on how you can disinfect your shared office space.

Use disinfectant regularly

This may go without saying, but you should be sanitizing and wiping down common-use areas as often as possible. We highly recommend loading up on sanitizing wipes that you can use to wipe down virtually any surface. Clorox and other companies offer bleach-free cleaning wipes that are safe to use on a variety of surfaces in offices, conference rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and just about anywhere else that you can think of.

Have everyone pitch in

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re protecting the team from Coronavirus is having everyone on the team pitch in. Sharing the burden alone in cleaning and disinfecting your office can be a full-time job for one or two people, but if everyone does their part, it can make the job a lot easier.

Post some easy-to-use standards and guidelines that will encourage your team to clean surfaces clean as they go. Instead of having one person responsible for wiping down everyone else’s desk at the end of the day, make cleaning materials available so that your team can wipe down their own personal space and areas that they frequently use, throughout and at the end of the day. Encourage your team to bring their own wipes, cleaning solutions, sanitizers, and soaps as well, so they can keep their personal space clean and comfortable. It’s also important to be mindful of fomites (see blog #1) in the workplace, especially those items shared by multiple staff.

Common fomites/places that individuals should clean frequently in their workplace:

  • Their entire desktop.
  • Their keyboard.
  • Their mouse.
  • Regularly used notebooks or electronic tablets
  • (iPad, Lenovo, projection remotes)
  • Pens, pencils and other writing utensils.
  • Shelves.
  • Phones.
  • Screens and monitors.
  • Chairs and stools.
  • Comfortable or homey objects on your desk.

Anything in your presence that will be touched or is within breathing or sneezing distance of others is something that should be wiped down and cleaned regularly after usage.

Sanitize and clean common use areas

One of the most important ways that you can stop the spread of the virus is to make sure that you keep all public and shared areas within your office clean. Commonly used spaces that can often carry and hold a lot of germs can include

  • Kitchens and kitchenettes
  • Breakrooms
  • Bathrooms.
  • Hallways.
  • Conference rooms.
  • Dining areas

Any place in your office where groups of people tend to congregate or use regularly throughout the day is a prime location for the virus and bacteria to breed. Make sure you are using wipes and heavy-duty cleaners in these areas to keep them as virus-proof as you possibly can.

Sanitize high contact surfaces

When considering the most occupied spaces in your office, make sure you pay close attention to surfaces that people are using. A large table in the conference room can be a breeding ground for all kinds of viruses and bacteria, as well as other forgotten places around the workplace:

  • Countertops in bathrooms.
  • Door handles in bathrooms.
  • Door handles in conference rooms.
  • Door handles to office.
  • The main entrance and exit door handles.
  • Kitchen countertops.
  • Phones and speakers.
  • Light Switches.
  • Sinks.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • Other furniture around the office.

Make sure that you have cleaner and sanitizer handy in every area so that surfaces stay clean and your workplace stays a safe place.

Make soap and sanitizer available to your clients and customers

One of the most important ways that you can prepare for keeping your office safe during the coronavirus is by making sure that you have plenty of soap and sanitizer in the public areas around the office. Make sure that you keep soap stocked at all of your sinks at all times, and keep sanitizer stocked and available for public use areas.


Make sure to keep alcohol-based sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and sprays around the office to protect your business from the coronavirus. To ensure that you are safe, clean and shiny, we invite you to contact Dallas Janitorial Supply to schedule our skilled janitorial staff to visit your office for regular cleanings.

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