Employee safety should be one of the top priorities for companies worldwide. Workers that can go about their day in a safe environment ultimately end up producing better work. This is true now more than ever in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety and depression are starting to have a real impact on people. Not knowing if they are safe at work or not only adds to that fear. A large, factory-based workplace with numerous employees can make cleanliness tougher to achieve. Still, it can be done. 

There are easy, cost-effective steps factories can take to ensure worker safety. 

Worker Hygiene 

Right now, there are dozens of commercials pleading with people to wash their hands and social distance. In turn, that should help stop the spread of the coronavirus. That same concept can be applied to a workforce. Sending out reminders to wash hands throughout a shift and keep up on personal cleanliness goes a long way. Signage around bathroom areas also helps with this. Throughout the pandemic, personal responsibility has been a key term. Companies are responsible for doing their part to keep an area clean. However, individual workers are responsible for keeping themselves clean as well. 

Have the Proper Cleaning Supplies

Proper cleanliness cannot be accomplished without the right set of supplies. Particularly in large factories with a variety of surfaces, a “one cleaner fits all” approach doesn’t work. As any homeowner would know, there are certain products for certain areas, like bathroom cleaners. Be sure to use the right surface-type cleaners on the appropriate areas as well. Stainless steel cleaners, for example, might work in a glass area. However, the effectiveness of the cleaner would not be the same. Plus, it can end up harming the glass over time. Having an array of mops, brooms, and other individual cleaning items around the facility is also advised. This way when something needs cleaning, the right party has quick and easy access to the right supplies to tidy things up.

Have a Cleaning Plan or List in Place

One of the biggest problems arises when no one knows who is responsible for cleaning something. There are obvious instances where it’s clear who is responsible, such as when someone spills a beverage. But what about things that need to be cleaned weekly? Oftentimes, this leads to workers deflecting cleaning tasks onto others, and it never gets done. Instead of looking at blank stares when asking who is responsible for something, make an assignment list. Distribute the tasks evenly amongst the employees to ensure everyone is doing their part. This holds people accountable for certain tasks and doesn’t overload one individual with too much work. 

Give Staff the Proper Training

It’s no guarantee that every coworker you come across knows how to properly clean an area. Whether they didn’t get that training in their youth or at a previous job, some employees are just behind in that regard. Therefore, managers should ensure those they watch over know the right cleaning methods. Let’s say the employee is responsible for cleaning an area with stainless steel, wood, and plastic. All three of those surfaces require a different cleaner to produce the best results. If the person cleaning is unaware of this, however, problems quickly arise. Plus, offering this training shows the employees their managers truly care about their operation.

Use Technology

Technology has made long strides, especially within the past couple of decades. Each year the latest and greatest gadgets are released, designed to make our lives easier. As we know, some things work much better than others. This is true of technological advancements with cleaning as well. Industrial floor-scrubbers are often something companies with large production floors look to acquire. Cleaning a big floor is one thing, but giving it a truly deep clean takes time. Having to do that constantly, regardless of how many employees there are, gets old. Floor scrubbers are not lightning-fast by any means but are much quicker than people. They can turn what would be a two-hour job into a ten-minute task. A scrubber could run over $1000, but they are worth the investment. Not every piece of new equipment is, however. Always read through customer reviews before buying a new product. This will help keep long-term repair costs to a minimum. 

Supervise Cleaning

It’s not a manager’s dream to get involved with or watch employees clean. Still, it should be done. Managers should know how every inch of their production area gets cleaned and maintained. This way, when employees have questions, they know exactly who to come to. Getting involved as a manager also ensures that workers don’t start to slack off with cleanliness. Oftentimes cleaning is done at the end of the day and gets an eye-roll from those who have to do it. Over time, if left unsupervised, this leads to a less than stellar job being done. Cleaning, just like any other job, needs done right to be effective. New employees are also given the chance to learn the ropes when it comes to keeping their area clean.

Make Cleaning a Priority

If employees don’t feel their managers care about how clean something is, they won’t care either. This trickle-down effect is impactful with any aspect of a job and particularly with cleaning. As mentioned before, cleaning often falls to the end of the day task. That’s fine as long as employees don’t mentally check out before the job is done. Once that happens, tasks getting completed correctly becomes a challenge. However, if workers stay focused and locked into their assignments, everything will get done properly. 

Look to the Professionals

Not every company or facility has the resources to properly clean their space. There are professional services available in case this happens. Dallas Janitorial Services continues to be one of the best commercial cleaning services in the Dallas Metroplex. They can handle a variety of spaces, from big to small, and develop custom cleaning plans for their clients. With first-class customer service, they are a team that can handle any company’s cleaning needs. Contact Dallas Janitorial Services today to receive a free estimate or set up an appointment.

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