Sanitization has made its way to the top of the priority list for not only businesses across the United States but around the world as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about being “clean“. What qualified as “sanitized” just over five months ago would not necessarily qualify today. With the coronavirus having the ability to shut down an entire business complex if the outbreak is bad enough, corporations have to adjust. Unfortunately, they are the ones struggling the most with proper sanitization. With so many people working and a heavy amount of foot traffic passing through each day, things get tricky. That’s a lot of people that need temperatures checked and access to hand sanitizer or a hand washing station. However, businesses that take the initiative to keep staff and customers safe see that work pay off.

Healthy Workplace

Getting “sick” before the COVID-19 outbreak was not necessarily a big deal. Of course, deadly viruses and diseases exist and have been around long before the coronavirus. The world knows exactly how to handle those though. There is no playbook for COVID-19. Since the coronavirus and the common flu share similar symptoms, it’s a bit scarier to get sick today than ever before. With COVID-19 having the much higher infection, hospitalization and fatality rates, showing symptoms is not something that should be taken lightly. Commercial properties that take the initiative of using the proper sanitization methods and following will see their property be a much healthier environment and one that can remain functional during a pandemic.

Commercial environments are also where proper sanitation methods are needed regardless of whether a pandemic is happening or not. With so much traffic entering and exiting the property throughout each day, many surfaces are touched numerous times by different people. Because of that, commercial property owners should already be familiar with at least the most basic of sanitation methods within their property.


As mentioned, showing symptoms of being sick is scarier than ever. With a commercial property, just one person getting sick in the middle of a pandemic can become serious quickly. From my own experience in a smaller office space, it was made very clear to everyone in the office just a few weeks ago that someone who worked with us had contracted COVID-19. Now, this information never went public and very rarely do non-employees make their way into the building. Still, the day of the announcement went from a normal workday to one of the most doom and gloom days I’ve ever been a part of. Morale was down across the office. Coworkers were fearing for the worst and wondering if they would have to quarantine from their families for two weeks. No one was very complimentary about that establishment that day either. Steps that were not being taken in terms of sanitization were instantly called out by several people around the office.

Safe to say it was far from a good day, and honestly, overall worker morale is yet to recover. This is just one example of a small business. An outbreak at a larger commercial property would harm multiple large businesses. If you are a property owner, be sure to use the proper guidelines and protocols laid out by the CDC. Tenants will be thankful and happy knowing they work in a clean, safe environment.

Save the Reputation

While not as common with commercial properties as it is with small businesses, the media will still find a way to expose those who are not complying with CDC guidelines. One small northeast Ohio dining establishment has been caught multiple times violating protocols, not using social distancing and not requiring facial coverings. Now, this specific place of business hasn’t done themselves any favors with some of their responses to this. Regardless, if you go to the replies on any one of their social media posts, you’ll notice just how much unrest there is over putting workers and customers in danger. While obviously, their revenue numbers are not public knowledge, it’s hard to imagine this has helped them in any way.

Multiple claims have also been made by apparent ex-employees that claim next to no sanitizing was done while they were working. The same can certainly happen to a commercial property. With multiple businesses operating in one complex, all it takes is one poorly run operation to bring the reputation of others down with it. If “Company A” and “Company B” sit next door to each other inside of a complex, they become reliant upon one another in this scenario. This is because if Company A is not sanitizing and following guidelines and reports of COVID-19 cases surface, not only do employees there become fearful, but the entire property as well. This can lead to a drop in business, employee turnover and a big hit to that property’s reputation.

Contact the Professionals

Commercial properties present quite the challenge when it comes to sanitizing properly. Again, a high volume of foot traffic makes things difficult, to begin with. Add in all the high-touch surfaces, like doorknobs and light switches, and the task can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, some professionals are far from new to knowing how to sanitize.

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