Hardwood floors look fantastic in just about any home. They can look even better within a commercial property. The problem in both instances, however, is trying to keep them clean. Particularly in a commercial space, these floors are going to see a ton of foot traffic. This is much different foot traffic than what would go on around the home. Instead of cotton socks or bare feet walking across, business people are wearing shoes. Those shoes have likely been outside before stepping onto the floor, meaning some of the dirt and grime that they track will transfer onto the floor. As pretty as hardwood floors look when they are clean, it’s very apparent when an area of the floor is dirty or damaged. Fortunately, there are things any commercial property owner can do to keep their floors clean.

Mop and Bucket

If you have ever worked fast food, you know just how effective the simple mop and bucket can be. “Mop water” usually consists of just a basic cleaning solution and some water. The process here will be a different one. However, before even getting that far, be sure to dust mop the floor first. This will help clear any loose debris or dirt that may be lurking on the surface. If that crud is still there when you go to mop, you’ll end up just pushing dirt around instead of actually cleaning it. Once everything is dusted, however, the mopping process can begin. The key to mopping is finding the perfect level of dampness for the mop before running it across the surface.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should be able to see some sort of water trail following the mop, but the mop should not be so wet that it starts leaving droplets behind. Mopping should happen twice; once with a mixture of water and cleaning solution and once with just water. Be sure to choose a neutral solution, as an improper solution can damage the topcoat of the floor. The cleaning solution will take effect, but if left sitting on the surface too long, it can damage the floor. Be sure to mop a second time with just water to clear off the solution. This may be a bit of a tedious process for larger floor space, but it’s one that is worth the time.

Drying the Floor

It may not seem like a big deal, but the method you use to dry a hardwood floor after cleaning it is an important factor. When most people think of a wet floor, they think of getting a towel (or maybe just some paper towels in a small area) and just wiping the surface down. While this will technically do the job of drying the floor, it can create damage. The microfibers that a towel has can scratch the floor and leave behind marks and damage. Instead, it is recommended to use either a floor fan or air mover. This way, nothing is coming into direct contact with the floor as it dries and nothing is damaging it. Be sure to dry the surface fairly quickly after cleaning. If too much moisture is left on the surface for too long, it can damage the floor and even cause it to warp.

Finish the Floor

As mentioned, the right cleaning solution will not damage a floor’s topcoat. That topcoat is very important to hardwood floors as it is their main source of protection. In most cases, floors will use polyurethane. This creates a thin, clear layer on top of the floor that hardens as it dries and protects the surface underneath. It also adds sheen, whether it be a semi-gloss or gloss finish, that can help the floor stand out and look good. After a surface has been cleaned and dried, consider reapplying another layer of polyurethane. This will give the floor the appearance of being new. Plus, your tenants will thank you for keeping their workspace looking sharp and clean. The one thing to be sure of with finishing a floor is making sure all of the loose dirt on the surface is gone before applying the topcoat. That dirt will stick out like a sore thumb on top of being stuck under the polyurethane. Just be thorough in the dusting process and you should be all set.

Obtain the Right Tools

One of the more important things to remember when cleaning a hardwood floor is to not go cheap on it. Make sure you are buying the proper cleaning products and using the right equipment to treat the floor. This includes both the cleaning substances you use on the floor as well as the drying and finishing materials. Hardwood floors are not cheap, so don’t treat one as such and let a beautiful floor go to waste. Trying to skate by doing the minimum will only result in long-term damage to the floor that, in some cases, won’t be able to be undone. Plus, having a dirty and damaged hardwood floor tends to look worse than not having a hardwood floor at all.

Contact the Professionals

Hardwood floors are a lot of work and can be a bit overwhelming to take care of, especially by you. If you find you are struggling to maintain your floor, don’t stress or try to get rid of it. The team at Dallas Janitorial Services provides the best hardwood floor cleaning services in the Dallas area and has been doing so for over 15 years. They know how to both properly clean your hardwood floor as well as give it that nice, new-looking finish! They use only the best materials and equipment to make sure the job is done right and that you are satisfied with the result. Contact Dallas Janitorial Services today to receive a free quote and schedule a virtual consultation.