In order to thrive, a business must be clean and healthy. An office space that is kept disorganized and unsanitary can lead to inefficiency and low employee morale. Thankfully, there are cleaning staff who help ensure that workplaces are properly and effectively disinfected and sanitized. These individuals provide essential services by completing a plethora of cleaning tasks. 

With that being said, they should be properly appreciated. In this article, we will discuss 6 ways you can appreciate cleaning staff.

The Impact of Appreciating Cleaning Staff

It is important to note that appreciating the cleaning staff can have a great impact.  As shown in studies conducted by the Harvard Business Review, social workers who received a letter of recognition felt more supported and valued by their organization. Of course, this can also translate to cleaning crews. 

Similarly, they, too, perform essential services, maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in public and private spaces. To continue, showing proper appreciation can lead to better work. If employees feel like their work is recognized, they may go the extra mile to ensure that all surfaces and items are effectively cleaned. Furthermore, that optimistic attitude can spread amongst other staff members. 

With these positive impacts, collaboration and overall morale can increase significantly.  In addition, all of these benefits do not require extensive amounts of effort or planning. You can simply show appreciation to cleaning staff members easily and quickly. 

Moreover, if you consistently show appreciation to your cleaning staff, you are decreasing the possibility of employee turnover. Understandably, individuals would not choose to leave their job if they feel valued and respected. Furthermore, continuous employee support can lead to an exponentially improved reputation. 

In addition to current staff members staying longer, new individuals may want to hop aboard as well. If this happens, your organization will be head and shoulders above the competition. However, positive impacts like this may not occur if you refuse to give appreciation. So, for employee and business benefits, go the extra mile and show your staff members that they are held in high regard.

6 Effective Ways to Show Appreciation to Cleaning Staff

Now that we have established the importance of showing appreciation to the cleaning staff, we must discuss ways to do so. As previously stated, giving acknowledgment and recognition does require great amounts of effort. Instead, they are simple actions that can lead to a variety of benefits. 

By following the tips listed below, you can properly and effectively show appreciation for workers. 

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Recognize and Praise Good Work

To begin, you must recognize and praise good work. Unfortunately, cleaning is often a thankless job. Staff members will perform deep cleaning services to ensure that high-contact surfaces, items, and bathroom floors are properly disinfected and sanitized. 

However, after doing so, very few may say “thanks” or acknowledge them. Instead, they will go about their business, walking on spotless floors without recognizing who cleaned them. Of course, this can become quite frustrating. Therefore, it is important to consistently recognize those who clean our offices, restaurants, and recreation facilities. Also, positive reinforcements such as praise are very effective. Staff members who know that their work is recognized and appreciated will often try harder. They will reciprocate those compliments with efficient and thorough work. 

In addition, it should be noted that praise and recognition don’t have to be monetary. If you are worried about costs, you can give handwritten cards or inexpensive gift baskets. It’s the thought that counts, and you don’t need to spend significant amounts of money to properly show thanks. 

Provide Opportunities For Growth

Furthermore, you should provide opportunities for growth within the organization. Employees may stagnate if they realize that their position is stagnating as well. How can we expect staff members to improve if their opportunities are not improving, too? A solution to this issue is appropriate and timely chances for growth. You can recognize hard work by offering higher positions to those who have earned it. 

In particular, veteran employees who are reliable and consistent should be at the top of the list. This will not only show appreciation for years of great service, but it will also motivate less-tenured staff members. Now, they have a goal they can work towards. Newer employees will know that if they give their full effort and continuously complete tasks properly, they, too, can elevate their position. 

Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

Also, it is essential to offer competitive pay and benefits. This relates back to the previous point made about employee retention. Individuals want to work for companies that show dedication and care toward them. For more experienced staff members, you can offer higher pay that exceeds those of your competitors. Yes, it will increase your budget, but the effects are worth it. 

By having a strong reputation for employee support, your business will thrive. Nevertheless, if you do not want to increase staff salary, you can opt to provide better benefits. This can include offering more vacation days or more extensive health insurance options. Along with competitive pay, this can also significantly improve employee morale and retention. 

Celebrate Success and Milestones

In addition, you should celebrate successes and milestones. Whether someone finished their first year cleaning or their tenth, they must feel valued and supported. You can host a company party with meaningful slideshows or light-hearted, goofy awards. This can go a long way in strengthening your staff. Furthermore, you can film short videos of fellow coworkers or managers sharing stories and detailing how important their colleagues are. 

This is quite inexpensive and can increase bonds and feelings of togetherness. In terms of gift giving, you can give someone a restaurant or store gift card. Alternatively, you can give a sentimental and more thoughtful present. Typically, this is best for employees who have more tenure. 

Encourage Their Input and Feedback

Along with proper celebration, you should encourage employee input and feedback. It is easy to understand that staff members want their opinions properly listened to and accounted for. Of course, this does not mean that you always have to agree with them. At the end of the day, managers will have the final say in planning and decision-making. However, their thoughts should be genuinely considered. 

When you do agree with their input and feedback, make sure to follow through. Honesty and trustworthiness are essential for great organizational culture. You can improve this by maintaining an open, friendly, and communicable environment. 

Offer Quality Catering 

Lastly, you should consider offering quality catering – to housekeeping teams, in particular. Cleaning services can be demanding and often require significant working hours. Bathroom floors, countertops, and windows all need to be thoroughly cleaned. So, as a way to show appreciation for workers, you can provide catering services. 

Often, work starts in the morning, so ample breakfast options would be quite well-received. For example, bagels, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches are all great options. Moreover, you should offer quick-to-eat snacks and full lunches. Remember to communicate with your housekeeping team so that you understand their preferred food and dietary restrictions. 

How We Show Appreciation to Our Staff at Dallas Janitorial Services

At Dallas Janitorial, we completely understand that staff members must be respected, recognized, and supported. Therefore, it is our goal to maintain a proper and healthy work environment. Our team of cleaning professionals knows how much we value and care about them. We offer competitive pay with great employee benefits. 

Furthermore, we provide growth opportunities to those who have earned it. By doing so, we are able to provide excellent and efficient cleaning services. Our employees know that their work will not go unacknowledged. So, they strive to complete tasks thoroughly and properly. We believe that great organizational culture will lead to better cleaning services. 

FAQs About Appreciating Cleaning Staff

How do you complement a cleaning service?

There are ways to appropriately complement a cleaning service. To start, you must do so respectfully and genuinely. Appreciation and recognition will not be received well if it is not earnest. 

In addition, you should not interrupt staff members when they are working. This can impede progress and can be dangerous. Employees handle cleaning solutions that may contain harmful chemicals. So, compliment them after their work is completed. Finally, you can complement a cleaning service with a “thank you” card, gift basket, or catering service.

How do you motivate a cleaning employee?

You can motivate a cleaning employee by offering growth opportunities and competitive pay. Of course, recognition and approval can go far; however, financial and career incentives are most effective. Staff members will work more diligently and effectively if they know there are advancement possibilities. 

How would you describe a good cleaner?

A good cleaner is someone who is well-informed on handling and safety procedures. Furthermore, they are skilled and experienced in deep cleaning services. Lastly, they complete tasks efficiently and fully. 

The Dallas Janitorial Way

If you are looking for excellent commercial cleaning services, look no further than Dallas Janitorial. With our assistance, you can maintain a safe and healthy space. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please contact us at 214-778-3629. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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