If you weathered the pandemic, you’re likely doing your best to get back to business as usual while being successful amid an economic downturn. 

Now more than ever, you need new ways to cut costs and boost productivity. The best-case scenario is a simple solution that can actually help you accomplish both of these goals simultaneously. 

Workplace health, safety, and hygiene are still at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Luckily, there’s no need to sacrifice cleanliness to reduce costs. In fact, you’ll likely notice a cleaner, more efficient workspace when you outsource office cleaning. So, if you’re torn on whether or not to stick with in-house cleaning, it may be time to outsource your office cleaning services.

In-House vs Outsourcing Office Cleaning

Whether it’s outsourced or an in-house team carrying out professional cleaning, employees in an office setting are often expected to pitch in. Taking care of the basic cleaning practices around the office and in break areas is every employee’s responsibility to help maintain a clean and healthy workplace. 

But undertaking the entire in-house cleaning operation is a different story. In-house cleaning services are like having an entirely separate business to run. You may be responsible for hiring and managing an entire team of employees and being knowledgeable enough about the cleaning profession to source, supply, and maintain all the products and equipment while observing regulations and best practices.

Many business owners and facility managers feel in-house office cleaning services provide convenience, enhanced security, and have a more thorough familiarity with the space. But there are many reasons to consider outsourcing instead.

When you bring in an external office cleaning service, all the complexities and costs of in-house cleaning operations disappear. While saving time, money, and effort, you can still expect high-quality professional cleaning services from trusted workers who know how to clean an office as well, if not better than, in-house cleaners would.

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10 Reasons to Outsource Office Cleaning to Professional Janitorial Service Providers

‘How do I find the most qualified janitorial workers and supervisors and handle high turnover?’ ‘How long should it take to clean an office?’ ‘How will all the costs add up, from employees, benefits, payroll, supplies, equipment, and maintenance?’

These are just some of the problems you no longer need to worry about when you outsource professional janitorial services.

1. Professional and Dedicated Office Cleaning Staff

As specialists in the field, professional janitorial service providers already know how to find and vet the most qualified, professional employees. They’ll have extensive and widely varied commercial cleaning experience and all the secrets to delivering remarkable, efficient cleaning services to any space.

2.  Flexible Cleaning Services Based on Your Office Needs

Overseeing in-house cleaning services isn’t as convenient as you might expect. You can freely dictate the cleaning schedule and have someone on call in case you need them. But this likely means paying for more than you need.

The best commercial cleaning companies will be as flexible as needed, accommodating your schedule and providing more or less cleaning services as needed, anytime. 

In reality, external cleaning services can actually be more flexible than in-house, as some professional cleaning companies don’t even require long-term contracts. That way, you can customize professional cleaning services without an extended commitment, paying only for the services you need when you truly need them.

3. Cost-Effective Workspace Cleaning Solution for Employers

When you employ in-house janitorial/cleaning services, you’re recruiting, hiring, managing, and supervising another team of professionals. This introduces costly elements like training, payroll, vacations, absences, employee turnover, and more.

When you leave these concerns to outside janitorial services, you may notice substantial cost reductions.

4. Above Average Cleaning Standards

If you run a business or manage facilities, you know that expertise is a must. When you hire an exceptional outside business for office cleaning services, you’re depending on an organization built on cleaning expertise. There’s a good chance the cleaners you outsource to can meet higher standards.

5. Reduced Liability Insurance

Commercial cleaning requires liability insurance and maintaining compliance with regulations for the use of chemicals. If you partner with outside janitorial/cleaning services, they’ll be in charge of the liability insurance, safety procedures, and regulatory compliance.

6. On-Demand Service

It can be useful to have in-house cleaning so you always have someone available, during or after business hours. However, the employees will have limited work hours or overtime, sometimes taking vacations or sick days.

A cleaning company with their own full staff can improve the reliability of services, so the job is always done correctly and efficiently, no matter what. Plus, most janitorial companies can provide emergency cleaning for immediate or after-hours needs.

7. Proper Equipment and Resources

It’s tempting to underestimate the complexity of commercial cleaning services. There’s a wealth of knowledge behind using the proper materials and techniques for each surface and each type of unwanted substance.

In addition to relevant cleaning know-how about proven methods, janitorial/cleaning service companies have access to top industry resources. You’ll never run into a non-routine cleaning situation where you’re not sure if you have the resources needed to tackle the job.

8. Value-Add

Without the expertise, industry presence, and buying power of a full-scale janitorial service, an in-house cleaning operation might find itself cutting corners on equipment/maintenance, supplies, and products.

On the other hand, your outside cleaning services benefit from industry-standard products, supplies, equipment, and maintenance, and you reap those rewards too. That’s how you get superior cleaning services at a more affordable price.

9. Save on Supplies

With external cleaning services, you don’t have to think about not having enough of something or possibly wasting money on too many supplies. 

Cleaning industry insiders access the most competitive prices on quality cleaning supplies, and they’ll have the right quantities on hand because cleaning is what they do.

10. Schedule Freedom

Plenty of standalone janitorial companies are available 24/7, which is sometimes hard to accomplish in a cost-effective way with in-house services. The right cleaning services for you will be able to accommodate any schedule, even if your schedule or cleaning needs vary. For maximum flexibility, you can look for a company that doesn’t require long-term contracts.

Facility managers can save an abundance of time and effort if they don’t have to directly oversee cleaning services but still have the peace of mind of having a flexible cleaning schedule with emergency cleaning services available.

Disinfect Your Communal Spaces

Benefits of a Clean Workspace Environment for Employees

Especially these days, there’s no skimping when it comes to workplace cleanliness. Beyond the bare minimum health, safety, and professional standards you uphold with a commercial cleaning company, a pristine workplace holds additional benefits for any business.

Happy and Healthy Environment

The appearance of employees and facilities can both contribute immensely to a business’s image. The professional image of a clean, healthy space pays off directly and indirectly, so effective cleaning is a valuable investment for any company.

When your employees enjoy a healthy and happy working environment, they remain motivated and proud of where they work.

Increased Productivity

Unkempt workspaces full of clutter yield discomfort, distractions, and wasted time. Insufficient cleaning may expose employees to more germs and increase absences from getting sick.

Quality cleaning from a standalone office cleaning services provider may improve employees’ comfort, focus, efficiency, and health.

Accident and Injury Prevention

Accidents happen, but it’s imperative to prevent hazards like tripping on cords and other clutter and get rid of floor dust and spills that cause slips. Comprehensive, flexible office cleaning services ensure people don’t get hurt where preventable.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety also means protection from allergens, contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. Effectively cleaning and sanitizing surfaces with the right methods and solutions helps eliminate germs and health risks like allergies, the common cold, flu, and COVID-19.

Easy Organization

Cleaning and organization go hand-in-hand. With professional cleaning service providers caring for a cleaner, more tidy space, employees may be more mindful about maintaining a hygienic, neat, and organized workplace.

Signs it’s Time to Outsource Your Office Cleaning

If you still have reservations about outsourcing your office cleaning services, do you notice any of the below around your office? If so, it’s definitely time to outsource:

  • Cleaning is falling behind: Maybe your office isn’t completely falling apart, but if anyone notices dust, dirt, clutter, or messes that stick around for days or weeks, it’s time to change the cleaning approach.
  • There is no cleaning checklist: There should be an exhaustive checklist of what needs cleaning and when, including forgotten places like ceiling fans and high shelving. Just because something doesn’t need the same attention as common areas and frequent touch points doesn’t mean it should be ignored forever.
  • Cleaning is not high on the priority list: As a facility manager, employer, or business owner, maybe cleaning has become a low priority due to costs or an increasing need to focus on primary business operations. If in-house cleaning oversight is taking away from your main focus or employees are too busy to tend to workspaces, outsourcing is the way to go.

FAQs About Outsourcing Office Cleaning

Can a company outsource the cleaning process?

Yes, outsourcing the cleaning to commercial janitorial companies can be beneficial for many companies.

Should you outsource cleaning?

Yes, if you can get more flexibility and maintain higher cleaning standards while saving time, money, and energy, you should definitely outsource cleaning services.

Why do companies outsource cleaning?

Companies outsource cleaning to achieve higher cleaning standards and value with a lower time and money investment.

What Would Your #1 Benefit Be?

Why are you thinking about outsourcing your cleaning? Are you looking for lower costs, higher cleaning flexibility, a higher quality clean of your spaces, a morale boost, or more time to focus on the bigger picture?

You can expect all of the above outcomes when you take the in-house cleaning responsibilities off your plate. The key is finding commercial cleaners with the most dedicated employees, 24/7 flexible availability, precision-customized cleaning services, a wide breadth of experience, and compliance with CDC, EPA, WHO, and OSHA recommendations, all without long-term contracts. 

So, if you’ve decided it’s time to outsource the office cleaning, consider contacting Dallas Janitorial Services today.

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