The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we think about what it means for a commercial restroom to be clean. What used to qualify as sanitized doesn’t necessarily qualify today. With the coronavirus having the ability to shut down an entire business complex if the outbreak is bad enough, corporations have to adjust. They have to sanitize the entire office, especially the restrooms.

Unfortunately, businesses are the ones struggling the most with proper restroom sanitization. With so many people working and a heavy amount of foot traffic passing through each day, things get tricky. That’s a lot of people requiring access to hand sanitizer or a hand washing station. However, businesses that take the initiative to keep staff and customers safe see that work pays off.

Healthy Workplace

Getting sick before the COVID-19 outbreak was not necessarily a big deal. Of course, deadly viruses and other pathogens existed long before COVID. However, since the coronavirus and the common flu share similar symptoms, it’s a bit scarier to get sick today than ever before. COVID-19 has a much higher rate of infection, hospitalization, and fatality, so symptoms are not something that should be taken lightly. Businesses that take the initiative of using proper sanitization methods, including restroom sanitization methods, provide much healthier environments when illness is more common.

Regardless of whether a pandemic is happening or not, commercial environments need proper restroom sanitization methods. With numerous customers and employees entering and exiting your property throughout the day, restroom counters, toilet handles, and stall doors are being frequently touched by different people. This means commercial property owners need to be familiar with the most basic restroom sanitization methods for their property.

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Employee Morale

Showing signs of being sick is scarier than ever. With a commercial property, a single person getting sick can quickly become an outbreak. When other employees find out one of their peers is sick, office morale can quickly shift from a normal workday to one of doom and gloom. People fear the worst, especially if they realize sanitization steps aren’t being followed throughout the office.

As a business or commercial property owner, you need to follow proper guidelines and protocols that provide a clean and safe environment. Employees, tenants, and customers will all be thankful knowing you care about them and their health.

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Save Your Reputation

While restrooms aren’t as frequently seen or used as your common spaces, dirty or odorous restrooms can have a major impact on your business’ reputation. For commercial properties that share restrooms with other tenants, all it takes is one poorly run operation to damage the reputation of every business within the property.

By following proper restroom cleaning practices and sanitization methods, and performing these tasks frequently, you can avoid embarrassment and provide your employees, tenants, and customers with a clean and safe restroom experience

Contact the Professionals

Commercial properties can be difficult when it comes to providing a properly sanitized restroom. The high volume of foot traffic and the abundance of high-touch surfaces can make cleaning a challenge. This is when you need to call in the experts.

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