Everyone loves a clean workplace. It provides a great boost to your productivity, promotes optimal health, and improves the customer experience.

The only downside for most office workers is the time investment.

Working in everyday cleaning tasks while still being responsible for your typical duties and responsibilities can add unwanted stress for most office employees. However, with a few smart, proactive tips, you can set your team up for success with efficient cleaning habits that save time and give you the benefits of a clean workplace. Follow these 10 simple cleaning tips to make your space look great and smell fresh without feeling overwhelmed.

Designate a Cleaning Supply Area

Find a supply closet with open space or any accessible storage area to store your office cleaning supplies. Storing your cleaning supplies in one place lets you see what you may be running low on so you can replace it before you run out.

Also, keep an array of cleaners, dusters, and wipes on hand for quick cleanup tasks. Not having the proper cleaning supplies handy can make a small mess much harder to clean, especially if you forget about it while waiting for supplies to come in.

bathroom cleaning

Prioritize Public Areas

Your workspace provides clients with their first impression of your business. Make sure to clean public areas, like your lobby, regularly. Sweeping and vacuuming in public spaces should be done at least once a week.

And pay special attention to your restrooms. A hot spot for grime and disease, the cleanliness of your restrooms can make or break a customer’s impression of your business. Devote special care to wiping down surfaces, cleaning toilets, and mopping floors. Your employees will appreciate it, too.

File Paperwork and Add Storage

Having adequate storage space for paperwork and office supplies is a smart and easy way to avoid clutter. Use filing cabinets and dividers to create a filing system for your paperwork. You can also use storage shelves to easily store bulky items like reams of paper or boxes of pens, staples, and paper clips.

The more paperwork and supplies you can store away neatly, the easier it is to bring in a commercial cleaning company like Dallas Janitorial Services to perform deep cleaning a few times a year.

Office cleaning by Dallas Janitorial ServicesClean Your Desk Daily

At the end of the day, it’s a good habit to take the time to put all your pens, papers, and other desk supplies back in the place. If you need to, set an alarm a few minutes before the end of your day to give you the necessary time to clean off your desk.

Not only does this keep your workspace clean and organized, but it also gives you a feeling of closure at the end of every day allowing you to start fresh the next morning.

Dust High and Work Low

Dust accumulates quickly in hard-to-reach places, including the tops of bookcases and ceiling vents. Clean surfaces from the top down, starting with high shelves and corners where the wall meets the ceiling. Continue dusting all your surfaces down to the floor.

Pay special attention to areas behind desks and electronics such as keyboards and computer monitors, as they are prone to attracting dust. If you keep plants to freshen the air, dust their leaves as you work through the office.

Manage Cords and Cables

Electronics and cords are prone to collecting dust and unfortunately, cleaning dust off of a clutter of cords can be time-consuming and frustrating. Take the time to untangle and manage your cords and cables to make them easier to clean in the future. Also, when possible, keep them off of the floor to make vacuuming easier. Fix them in place on your desk or tie them together to open space to maneuver around them.

And any opportunity you find to eliminate cords, do it. Use wireless components, like monitors and keyboards, to reduce obstacles while cleaning your desk and cut down on dust traps.

Provide Enough Waste Baskets

Whether trash or recyclables, disposable clutter can accumulate quickly. It may seem simple but strategically placing your waste bins in high-traffic areas and at every workstation can reduce your mess and promote productivity.

Commercial Cleaning by Dallas Janitorial ServicesDisinfect High Touch Surfaces

Disinfecting your high contact surfaces is the most important aspect of any cleaning effort. Wiping down telephones, keyboards, desks, and other heavily used equipment with disinfecting wipes prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses, leading to a healthier and more productive workplace. For everyday spills, simple all-purpose cleaners can be used instead of disinfectants.

Add Floor Mats

Placing floor mats inside entrances helps capture most of the outside dirt or water before it’s tracked in. During winter or rainy weather, consider using longer mats to protect your employees. It will decrease the chance of workplace accidents by preventing slips due to water, ice or snow. Plus, it will keep your floors dry, making cleaning easier.

Clean the Fridge and Small Appliances

Often neglected, the refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot in your breakroom are commonly some of the dirtiest parts of your office. Remnants of food and forgotten meals can attract pests, create off-putting odors and facilitate mold growth.

Work up a rotation for weekly break room cleaning and ditch any expired food from the refrigerator. The refrigerator should be fully wiped clean once a month or more often, depending on how much it’s used. Using a simple solution of water and dish liquid or vinegar is effective in cleaning up interior spills.

These simple office cleaning tips are a great start to encouraging a productive and healthy atmosphere. They can easily be worked into your everyday routine and make cleaning more efficient over time.

To completely refresh the workplace, consider scheduling a monthly professional deep clean by Dallas Janitorial Services. Our expert technicians are versed in the most effective cleaning techniques and oft-overlooked areas. We use the highest-grade products and technologies and our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with our professionals or would like more information on cleaning in your workplace, give us a call at (214) 788-3689 or click here to drop us a line. We’ll start with a free on-site consultation and create a custom cleaning solution that’s perfectly suited to meet your specific sanitization needs.