Cleanliness is important in any business. Customers are likely to form a negative opinion of a business that appears dirty or messy. In addition, employees also prefer to work in a clean space. But, hiring an in-house cleaning staff can be challenging. Finding consistent and reliable workers is not always easy. The hiring process can be time-consuming, and the rates for a professional cleaning staff can be concerning as well. On top of that, it’s also another subset of employees to be managed in terms of scheduling, payroll, etc. Understandably, knowing where to begin is not easy. How do you hire and screen commercial cleaners for your business?

There are multiple options to choose from when hiring a cleaning staff. Namely, you can hire cleaning staff through a staffing agency, or you can use the services of a professional cleaning company. Here is a look at the pros and cons of hiring a cleaning staff vs. using commercial cleaning companies.

Hiring and Screening Commercial Cleaners

If you’re wondering where to find cleaning employees, one of your options is to use a staffing agency. This can be a fairly hands-on process with mixed results. Using a staffing agency for your cleaning staff requires a fairly extensive screening process involving performing background checks to ensure each potential employee is experienced and qualified for the job.

As long as you set clear expectations and are active in your screening process, hiring through a staffing agency is not always a bad option. It is certainly less time-consuming than searching for and screening employees on your own.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when searching for cleaning employees through an agency. First, make sure you clearly communicate your expectations about the job to any potential employees. Second, you will want to be thorough in reviewing all candidate resumes. Make sure they have the previous cleaning experience you require. And third, be sure to follow up with references if candidates provide them.

When screening for your future cleaning staff, top qualities to look for include experience, reliability, and attention to detail. Trustworthiness is also important, as cleaning services are only effective if they are performed well consistently.

The potential advantages of hiring and screening your own commercial cleaners are that you can find some truly great and reliable workers. In time, they can become highly familiar with your business and its cleaning needs. But going this route is not without its drawbacks. Next, let’s look at the challenges of hiring through a staffing agency.

The Challenges of Hiring Cleaning Staff Through a Staffing Agency

As mentioned, the screening process for hiring a cleaning staff can be time-consuming. This is because the process does not always result in a great match. There are several factors that make the hiring process for cleaning employees particularly difficult.

High Turnover Rate

A stigma against cleaning jobs, and the growth of new job opportunities, means fewer young people are seeking cleaning jobs. As previous generations leave the cleaning industry, staffing agencies might struggle to replace them with millennial and Gen Z workers. Additionally, a lot of those younger workers might give up on cleaning jobs more quickly to pursue other opportunities. The result is a shortage of candidates who have previous cleaning experience. With a shallower talent pool, it is harder to fill positions and keep them filled.

Lack of Training

Staffing agencies cast a wide net when seeking cleaning workers. This can sometimes mean that the workers you are matched with are not adequately trained. This can be frustrating and costly, as it forces you to devote more resources to training your cleaning staff than intended. Improperly trained cleaning employees also mean a building that’s not as clean as it should be. This can have a direct negative impact on the experience of your customers and employees.

Inconsistent Performance

Insufficient training is one of a few factors that can lead to inconsistent or poor performance. Poor performance from your cleaning staff is, unfortunately, highly noticeable. When using a staffing agency, there is no clear or uniform standard for job candidates. You can set your own expectations, but it can be difficult to guarantee that every new employee will meet them. This is another reason why checking references is important when screening potential employees. However, even with solid references, there is no guarantee that every worker will meet your particular standards.

The Advantages of Using a Professional Cleaning Service

An alternative to using a staffing agency is to work with a professional cleaning business. Commercial cleaning companies eliminate many of the drawbacks outlined in the previous section. There is no drawn-out hiring process, no need for individual background checks, and a consistent standard of performance. Here is a look at some of the other major advantages of working with a professional cleaning business.


Commercial cleaning companies have their own training programs and certifications. This means that every cleaning employee they hire and send to you has experience in the cleaning industry. They will know what is expected of them, both from you and their own company.

Customer Satisfaction

Reputation is crucial for commercial cleaning services. This means customer satisfaction is their most important metric. When using a professional cleaning company like Dallas Janitorial, you are guaranteed to have a cleaning staff who cares about your needs. This means your cleaning employees are more likely to deliver excellent results than if you hired them on your own.

Customizable and Flexible

Part of the customer-focused business model for cleaning companies relies on flexibility and customization. This means that cleaning services will work to make sure they meet your needs, both in terms of cleaning tasks and scheduling. You dictate where and when you need your cleaning team on location, and it’s the responsibility of the cleaning company to meets those needs.

No Need to Manage Employees

When you hire your own cleaning employees, you are then responsible for managing them. This means handling scheduling, time off, training, and other staffing considerations. But you are relieved of all of these responsibilities when you hire a cleaning agency. Commercial cleaning services manage their own employees and ensure that somebody is always available when you need them.

Save Money

Hiring a professional cleaning service can actually save you money in the long run. This is due to a combination of all the factors previously mentioned. Not needing to train your cleaning staff allows you to save on labor costs. High-quality, dependable cleaning means your business won’t experience any unexpected interruptions. And, in some cases, a good cleaning can help some office staples, like carpets and rugs, last longer. 

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Should You Hire a Cleaning Staff or Get Services From a Cleaning Company?

So, with all of that being said, how do these two options stack up? What is the best method to hire a cleaning staff for your business? To review, let’s look at a table comparing both options side-by-side.

Hiring Cleaners Through a Staffing AgencyUsing the Services of a Commercial Cleaning Company
CostAgencies often charge fees for their services, with no guarantee of success.Cleaning companies charge a flat rate for services based on several factors.
Standard/Candidate QualityVaries greatly. Staffing agencies draw from a wide pool of candidates.Consistent. Commercial cleaning companies are staffed by experienced professional cleaning workers.
Candidate TrainingVaries. No guarantee that all candidates will have proper training.Commercial cleaning services guarantee proper training for all employees.
ReliabilityVaries due to high turnover rates and worker inconsistency.Typically more reliable due to a more stable workforce for professional cleaning services.
LiabilityYou are responsible for the conduct and performance of your own cleaning staff.Cleaning company assumes responsibility for any issues relating to your cleaning services.
Time ManagementHiring and onboarding process can be very time-consuming.Minimal time commitment. Cleaning company handles everything from staffing, to training, to cleaning.

FAQs About Hiring Cleaning Staff

How do I find the right cleaning staff for my business?

Googling “How to hire cleaners for my business” is a good place to start. Find cleaning companies in your area, check their reviews and services, and pick the company that fits your needs best.

How do I ensure that the cleaning staff I hire will be reliable and trustworthy?

It helps to review and check professional cleaning profiles and websites. Read online reviews for professional cleaning services online. Also, check what certifications and requirements are listed on each cleaning company’s website.

How do I properly train my cleaning staff to meet my expectations?

Training your own cleaning staff has the same requirements as training other positions. Set clear expectations, be prepared to answer questions thoroughly, and make sure you have strong leadership already in place.

How do I determine how many cleaning staff members I need to hire for my business?

Factors like the size of your building, hours of operation, and daily traffic are all important to consider. A professional cleaning company can help you determine the right size of your cleaning team.

How do I handle the hiring process, including writing job descriptions, conducting interviews, and making job offers?

Be clear about performance and scheduling expectations, conduct thorough background checks, and vet your candidates to make sure they have previous cleaning experience.

Is it better to get commercial cleaning services or to hire cleaners through a staffing agency?

9 times out of 10, it is better to use professional cleaning services than to hire through a staffing agency. Cleaning services offer more consistency and reliability at more stable costs.

Tired of Searching For Reliable Cleaning Staff? Dallas Janitorial has the Answer

If you’re sick of unreliable workers or high turnover rates, it’s time to try using professional cleaning services. Dallas Janitorial Services is one of the Dallas-Forth Worth area’s most trustworthy commercial cleaning companies. Thanks to our excellent staff of highly-trained cleaning professionals, we offer every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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