Commercial carpet cleaning is an often unseen, but vital, service. Whether you’re in an office, school, hotel, or any other professional location, you need your carpets cleaned. Soiled carpets can create an unpleasant experience for staff, guests, and customers alike.

But hiring professional carpet cleaners can be a confusing process if you have never done it before. Figuring out the average carpet cleaner service cost depends on several factors like the size of your establishment, the condition of your carpet, and the frequency of cleaning all affect costs. So how do you decide the most cost-effective way to clean your commercial carpets? And how do you know that you’re getting a fair deal based on industry averages?

The answer to, “how much does it cost to clean carpets in a commercial setting?” has several moving parts. This guide will help you understand what to expect from professional cleaning services in terms of cost and considerations. We will also attempt to answer questions about how to save money on carpet cleaner services.

Understanding Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost

Before considering the cost of commercial carpet cleaning, you may be asking yourself a different question. Why is commercial carpet cleaning necessary? There are a handful of very legitimate reasons why commercial carpet cleaning companies offer an extremely important service.

First, there is the simple matter of cleanliness and hygiene. If you are running a business, you want the premises to look, smell, and feel clean. Dirty carpets send a poor message to customers, potential clients, and even current employees. Unpleasant odors from soiled carpets can directly impact a customer’s experience with your business as well as their liklihood or returning.

Second, professional carpet cleaning can actually help you save money in the long run. Not cleaning your carpets often enough can make the service more expensive when you do clean them. Beyond that, professional carpet cleaning services keep your carpets looking (and smelling) newer for longer. This means you don’t need to replace your carpets as often when they are cleaned professionally on a consistent schedule.

So, how much does it cost to have your carpet cleaned professionally? When charging by the square foot, the national average cost of professional commercial carpet cleaning is around $0.25 per square foot. However, in terms of totals, how much to clean carpets will vary based on several factors.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning is not a “one size fits all” service. Every company that uses professional-grade carpet cleaners could charge a unique rate. Some of the most important factors that go into determining service costs include:

  • The type of carpet(s) being cleaned
  • Size of carpeted area
  • Cleaning method
  • Cleaning frequency

Type of Carpet

Certain carpet materials are thicker or more delicate than others. This can sometimes require a different cleaning process or equipment. The three most common types of carpets found in commercial settings are cotton and wool, cut and level loop, and berber carpets.

Cotton and Wool

Cotton and wool are both natural materials that make for very soft and luxurious carpets. Cotton and wool are the most expensive carpet types to install. It should come as no surprise, then, that they are also the most expensive to clean. Average costs for cleaning cotton and wool carpets range from $110 to $160.

Cut and Level Loop

Cut and level loop carpets are more affordable than cotton or wool. This carpet style is also considered highly stylish because of the intricate patterns it allows. Cut and level loop carpets are made by intertwining several different fibers together to create unique designs. These fibers are less delicate than cotton and wool, with average cleaning costs ranging from $75 to $120 per carpet.


Berber carpets are manufactured by weaving fibers together, rather than cutting and looping. This creates a distinct knot-like texture in berber carpeting. Most berber carpets are light colors (tan, beige, gray, etc.). The materials are often durable and easier to clean than other materials. As such, berber carpets have the lowest average cleaning cost, typically ranging from $80 to $100.

Size of the Carpeted Area

There are two different methods for charging by the size of the carpeted area. Professional carpet cleaners can either charge per square feet of carpeted area, or they can charge a flat rate per room.

As mentioned earlier, $0.25 per square foot is a rough average. But this figure can range anywhere from $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot.

When paying per number of rooms cleaned, prices tend to increase linearly. Cleaning one room can cost anywhere from $25 to $75. Two rooms can cost between $50 to $150, and so on. Some professional cleaners may offer bulk discounts when cleaning a large number of rooms.

Condition of the Carpets

Usually, the condition of the carpets before cleaning also affects the total cost of carpet cleaning services. More heavily soiled carpets naturally require a deeper clean, which can take more staff, work, and resources.

Heavily Soiled

“Heavily soiled” is a relative term. Some carpets are more heavily soiled than others or soiled with tougher-to-clean-up substances. As such, cleaning costs can still vary considerably among carpets that qualify as being “heavily soiled.” Having dirtier-than-average carpets can add anywhere from $40 to $300 in additional costs to your cleaning bill.

Lightly Soiled

Lightly soiled carpets, on the other hand, come with no additional cleaning costs.

Type of Cleaning Method

Professional carpet cleaners can use several different methods when cleaning commercial carpets. The type of carpet, carpet conditions, and customer preference are all factors in determining which type of carpet cleaning is to be used. Here are the average costs of some of the most common carpet cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning uses hot water to loosen any debris or bacteria lodged in the carpet. Using a steam cleaner extracts dirt and kills most of the germs and bacteria that could be living in your carpet. In addition, steam cleaning is one of the most popular and effective methods of commercial carpet cleaning. While costs still vary based on area size, carpet steam cleaning services usually cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning for your carpet is a bit like vacuuming, but with added compound cleaning products. Dry cleaning has a big advantage in commercial settings in that it does not restrict access to carpeted areas. Because your carpets don’t get wet, customers and employees can walk over carpeted areas shortly after cleaning is completed. Dry cleaning is also less expensive than steam cleaning, ranging from $75 to $250 on average.


Carpet shampooing users a rotary cleaner and power cleaning detergent to dislodge and soak up debris and bacteria. Carpet shampooing is highly effective, but requires a lot of water and drying time. Professional carpet shampooing services can range anywhere from $80 to $400.


Carbonation carpet cleaning may look similar to steam cleaning, but the technical process is different. Carbonation cleaning uses less moisture, relying on the power of tiny bubbles to dislodge dirt and debris from within the carpet. This process is relatively new and more advanced than other cleaning methods. However, it is also highly effective at removing tough stains and debris. As such, it typically comes with a higher price tag, ranging from around $125 to $600.

Frequency of Cleaning

The more often you have your carpets cleaned, likely the less each individual cleaning will cost. This is simply because there will be less dirt and bacteria in your carpets if they are cleaned weekly, as opposed to monthly or annually.


A one-time carpet cleaning, or annual carpet cleaning, will have the highest average cost. One-time carpet cleaning services will need to use more resources and more rigorous cleaning processes to remove old, soaked-in stains. This means you should expect to pay on the higher end of the spectrum of average costs. For instance, using a steam cleaner annually would be closer to $500 than $100 for single-use.


Weekly cleanings will cost less per service because less work is required at each visit. However, the high frequency of weekly professional cleaning means costs will add up. So, if you were to pay $75 per week for weekly carpet cleaning, that would add up to roughly $300 per month.


Monthly professional carpet cleaning costs offer an excellent middle ground between one-time and weekly cleaning costs. Monthly cleanings have a higher average price than weekly cleanings, but obviously do not add up as quickly.

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Average Cost Ranges for Cleaning Commercial Carpets

As mentioned above, there are two methods to determine the cost of carpet cleaning based on area. Costs can be charged based on square footage, or by the total number of rooms being cleaned. This will vary from business to business, but average rates are relatively consistent.

Prices Per Square Foot

Charging per square feet of the total area being cleaned is more common for professional carpet cleaners. On average, you can expect to pay the following rates per square footage:

  • 200-400 square feet: $70-$130
  • 500-1000 square feet: $100-$250
  • 1000-1500 square feet: $200-$300
  • 1500-2000 square feet: $250-450
  • 2000-3000 square feet: $400-$600

Prices Per Room

Some professional cleaners will offer to pay per room rather than per square foot in some cases. When paying per room, you can expect to pay around the following rates:

  • 1 Room: $25-80
  • 2 Rooms: $50-$150
  • 3 Rooms: $75-$225
  • 4 Rooms: $100-$300
  • 5 Rooms and up $150-$600+

Tips for Getting the Best Value when Having Commercial Carpets Cleaned

You can also save on professional carpet cleaning costs by knowing how to care for your carpets and finding good deals. Here are some tips to help you get the best value out of your carpet cleaning services.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your carpets won’t work on stains and spills, but it is the best way to keep dirt and other loose particles to a minimum. Vacuuming regularly is a great way to maintain clean carpets so that less work is needed when you hire professionals.

Area Rugs

Placing area rugs in high-traffic areas can extend the life of your carpets and keep them cleaner. You should consider using area rugs in hallways, doorways, and any other high-traffic areas.

Research Carpet Cleaners

You shouldn’t simply settle for the first professional cleaner you find. Browse around, get multiple quotes, and look into the different services available. If you are interested in professional carpet cleaning services, check out Dallas Janitorial’s commercial carpet cleaning offerings.

FAQs About the Cost of Cleaning Commercial Carpets

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Absolutely. Attempting to clean your carpets yourself can be less effective and even damage your carpets if the machinery is used improperly. Professionals have the experience and equipment to clean every carpet type the right way.

Is it cheaper to clean carpet or replace?

Cleaning carpets is always more affordable and faster than replacing your carpets. Replacing all the carpets in your building can cost thousands of dollars, whereas carpet cleaning rarely costs more than a couple of hundred dollars.

How long does carpet take to dry after cleaning?

Drying time varies depending on the type of carpet cleaning used. Dry cleaning requires no drying time at all. Carbonation, shampooing, and steam cleaning can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours to dry.

Should I clean my carpets myself or hire a professional?

If you want to get the most value, and have the cleanest carpets possible, you should always hire a professional. Professional carpet cleaners can finish the job in one day (or night) at your convenience.

Looking for a Reliable and Affordable Professional Carpet Cleaner?

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, your goal should be to ensure that nobody ever thinks about it. A dirty carpet stands out, while a clean carpet goes unnoticed. If you are in the Dallas area and are looking for reliable commercial carpet cleaning, Dallas Janitorial Services can help. DJS offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will always use the cleaning method that is best for your carpets.

Still not convinced? Browse our website to learn more about the industries and cities that we serve. Dallas Janitorial is committed to providing industry-leading customer service and cleaning expertise. Contact us today to hire a cleaning staff.

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