An essential component of any hotel is the hotel’s housekeeping staff. They are tasked with cleaning and sanitizing all rooms. Since they complete such important work, it is fair to believe that they deserve tips. 

Although true, many individuals may feel hesitancy or awkwardness when it comes to tipping. This is because most are not aware of proper tipping practices. Some may think that hotels have specific policies or that it can make cleaning staff uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are respectful and appropriate ways to tip hotel housekeepers. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know. 

Tipping Hotel Cleaners and Housekeeping

There are several arguments that are for or against tipping hotel cleaning staff. Some argue that tipping culture is unethical as it allows individuals to receive lower standard wages. In essence, if tips are normalized, then they can become someone’s primary source of income. Understandably, this should not be the case, as everyone is deserving of proper and fair wages. 

On the other hand, some contend that regardless of payment structures, tipping is a kind and thoughtful practice that everyone should do. 

Why Tip Hotel Cleaning Staff?

To answer the question, yes, you should absolutely tip hotel housekeepers. In general, they work the hardest hours while receiving the lowest salary. Oftentimes, hotel cleaning staff earn near minimum wage. So, a tip is not just a nice token of appreciation, it is meaningful financial compensation. Housekeeping doesn’t just wake you up in the morning knocking on your door. Instead, they thoroughly clean, sanitize, and disinfect your room every day. 

How Much to Tip Hotel Cleaning Staff: Recommended Tipping Range

Now that we have established how crucial tipping is, it is important to discuss appropriate ranges. What is the right and respectful amount? Usually, most tipping guides recommend tipping $3 to $5 every day for housekeeping services. In addition, you may want to tip more if you are staying in luxury hotels or resorts. More often than not, standards are higher, and work is more demanding. Therefore, it would be great to tip around $10. This is generally what modern etiquette guides advise guests to do.

When to Tip Hotel Cleaning Staff?

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to tip hotel cleaning staff each day of your stay. Based on the schedule, a different employee may clean your room every day. Therefore, it is best to give individual tips. This way, you can ensure that all hotel housekeeping staff assigned to your room receive tips properly. 

Also, with this method, you should have the necessary amounts of cash. While some choose to leave a large tip at the end of their stay, that may not be the most effective practice. 

When Should You Tip More?

Depending on the circumstances, you should consider tipping more. To begin with, if you know your room is extra messy, make sure to tip extra. Hotel cleaning staff usually have hectic schedules, and an untidy room can impede daily task progress. In particular, if you spilled liquids or stain property, housekeeping will have to clean it. 

Furthermore, if you ask for special accommodations, like extra towels or toiletries, it is best to tip more than usual. To continue, hotel rooms with more guests require more intensive cleaning procedures. You should consider tipping an extra dollar or two per guest. Lastly, if you request that they clean at a later time, tip more, as readjusting schedules can be difficult. 

Tipping Hotel Staff: What Does the Law Say?

Depending on their state, hotel housekeeping staff may be subject to a variety of tipping laws. Most states do not require employers to pay tipped employees the full minimum wage. Instead, they participate in a tip credit system. 

Based on the state, service industry employees, like hotel cleaning staff, will receive a minimum cash wage from their employer. For clarification, the minimum cash wage is $2.13. Then, the remaining portion of their hourly salary will be through tips. 

This harkens back to the previous point made about tip culture and how it can be harmful to those who work in service industries. 

Tipping Hotel Staff in Texas

As stated by the Department of Labor, Texas does not require employers to pay service industry employees the full state minimum wage before tips. In fact, Texas has a “state minimum cash wage payment that is the same as that required under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act ($2.13/hr). 

So, Texas is one of the states where tipping is most important as it provides the maximum amount of employee hourly wages. It is important to note that there is a maximum tip credit of $5.13 per hour. Furthermore, you must be given a clear and concise earnings statement from your employer. 

Tipping Etiquette: How to Leave Tips for Housekeeping?

There are many different appropriate tipping guides. To begin, make sure to leave them on a visible surface. Rooms can get quite messy, and tips left in cluttered locations can be easily looked over. Instead, try leaving them on a desk or dresser. 

Also, you should lay the bills flat and put a note next to it. This is not only a kind gesture but will easily signify that it is a tip.

4 Benefits of Tipping Hotel Cleaning Staff

Tipping hotel workers has a plethora of benefits. As previously mentioned, it is necessary for wages in a majority of states. In addition, leaving tips fits within modern etiquette standards. 

Motivation For Better Service

To start, leaving adequate tips can be motivation for better services. Hotel workers are human and will recognize that certain guests are leaving tips and others aren’t. Of course, employees maintain utmost professionalism and would never intentionally disregard or improperly treat guests. However, tips can help motivate staff members and give an extra boost. More often than not, they will provide exceptional service.

Acknowledgment of Their Hard Work

Moving on, tips are a great way to acknowledge the hotel cleaning staff for their continuous hard work. This type of job can be very demanding and is often thankless. Also, there are staffing shortages. 

Furthermore, they tend to be on a packed schedule and must work effectively and efficiently. In addition, they have to work around a guest’s schedule and requests. For example, it may be 10 AM, and guests are still in the room. Now, hotel housekeeping must wake them up or change their plans. 

Improvement of the Overall Hotel Experience

Hotel cleaning is not only thankless, but it is also often invisible. Most guests are not aware of how vital housekeeping is to the overall hotel housekeeping experience. When you arrive back at the hotel after a long day of sightseeing or activities, your room is pristine and spotless. Beds are perfectly made with an origami swan or chocolate on the pillow. The bathroom is effectively sanitized with clean towels and restocked toiletries. 

This is essential to the hotel staying experience, and housekeeping is responsible for it through daily room cleaning. So, make sure to leave an appropriate tip as thanks for their exceptional service.

It’s a Good Thing to Do

Finally, it is just the right thing to do. As we have explained, most hotel cleaning staff make hourly wages through tips. In addition, they ensure that your room is perfectly clean and comfortable throughout the entirety of your stay. So, you should pay back that kindness and care with a generous tip. 

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FAQs about Tipping Hotel Cleaning Staff

Did the pandemic change tipping practices?

Yes, the pandemic did change tipping. Due to COVID-19, there is more emphasis on proper cleanliness and sanitation. Therefore, hotel housekeeping standards and procedures generally became more extensive. 

This also holds true for tipping. Understandably, many may be concerned about leaving cash tips in the room. So, many hotels and guests choose to use mobile tipping for housekeeping services. In addition, the pandemic has led to staffing shortages.

Do you tip housekeeping on the last day?

While you are able to tip housekeeping on the last day, it is not the recommended tipping method. Of course, you are able to provide a substantial tip to housekeeping when you check out. However, this does not guarantee that the individuals who cleaned your room received proper tips. 

Can you tip hotel housekeeping with cash?

Yes, you can tip hotel housekeeping with cash. In fact, tipping with cash is the best tipping option. Other options are mobile tipping or adding an amount to your overall bill. However, cash is the most effective and reliable method. For best results, leave a cash tip and “thank you” note on a visible surface. 

Should you tip hotel cleaners every day?

Yes, you should tip hotel cleaners every day. Based on the daily room cleaning schedule, the same staff member may not be assigned to you. So, by tipping every day, you are guaranteeing that all hotel housekeeping staff who cleaned your room received an adequate tip. 

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