Along with up-to-date computers and textbooks, schools need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. If not, students may not be able to prosper, and faculty can have difficulties teaching. In addition, unsanitary locations can severely worsen a school’s reputation. This may result in fewer admissions and complaints from parents. 

Therefore, all schools must follow clear and concise maintenance guidelines. All schools should abide by school cleaning checklists. This will provide accurate and detailed information on cleaning responsibilities. By following a school cleaning checklist, you can better protect students and staff. 

In this article, we will explain why cleaning in schools is important, what tasks should be completed, and what you need to complete them. 

Importance of School Cleaning Checklist

A school cleaning checklist is vital to its upkeep and maintenance. Schools are typically large buildings with dozens of classrooms. In addition, there can be thousands of students and faculty members roaming the halls daily. Therefore, they must remain clean and sanitary. In addition, it can be beneficial to utilize a daily cleaning checklist for schools. 

disinfecting school hall

Promotes Accountability

To begin with, a school cleaning checklist guarantees accountability for both students and staff members. Everyone must play their part in maintaining a clean school. In particular, a school cleaning checklist allows individuals to understand what tasks need to be completed and the standard of cleanliness to be adhered to. 

Ensures Consistent Cleaning Standards

Using a cleaning checklist, may help remind students to throw away their garbage in either trash or recycling bins. Furthermore, teachers can establish a level of cleanliness in their classrooms. Once the school day ends, they can wipe down with disinfectant spray. This will eliminate all harmful microorganisms. 

Ensures Health and Safety

Furthermore, the implementation of a school cleaning checklist ensures safety and health. This is the most important benefit of a school cleaning checklist. Learning institutions are meant to be beacons of education, not hotspots for germ spreading. However, due to various high-traffic areas, viruses and bacteria can travel rather quickly. Therefore, a school cleaning checklist is helpful as it clearly states what maintenance tasks must be completed. 

Efficient Use of Resources

To continue, schools that are consistently clean have stronger reputations. This can aid in admissions and public perception. Contrastingly, parents may not want to send their children to a school that doesn’t value their health and safety. So, maintaining a clean environment can lead to significant time and cost savings for the school.

Common School Cleaning Tasks

Several unique school cleaning tasks must be completed. By routinely following your school cleaning checklist, you can maintain a safe and healthy environment. Ideally, you should prioritize high-traffic areas and locations with high-touch surfaces. These places are most vulnerable to dirt accumulation and germ spreading.


school hallway

One of the primary cleaning locations in a school is the hallways. Throughout the day, hundreds, potentially thousands of individuals traverse through school halls. In addition, school hallways tend to be quite narrow, increasing the chances of the virus spreading. Therefore, you must thoroughly clean all school halls. 

To begin with, you should dispose of any trash as they can be tripping hazards. Afterward, you can sweep the halls. This will remove any dirt and dust. During class periods, you can mop the floors. By doing so, you will eliminate any stains. In addition, you can apply a cleaning solution that will kill all harmful microorganisms. 


A wide angle view of an organised and tidy classroom in a school in Hexham in the North East of England

Moreover, classrooms are prime cleaning locations too. This is because teachers and students spend most of their day there. So, you should implement a classroom cleaning checklist. 

First, you should dust all surfaces, such as desks and bookshelves. Then, you can complete deep cleaning tasks like cleaning air vents and replacing air filters. This will significantly remove air circulation and mitigate potential health risks. Furthermore, you must disinfect all desks. 

Finally, you should empty trash and recycling bins. Once everything is complete, classrooms will look fresh and new. 



Another key cleaning destination is restrooms. These are high-traffic locations with several high-contact surfaces. Initially, you should disinfect all sink handles and door knobs with a strong cleaning solution. Then, you must thoroughly clean every toilet and stall. Furthermore, you should check the tiles for grout and dirt buildup. Lastly, you can restock hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. 

Essential Items for School Cleaning Checklists

To clean a school properly, you must use many cleaning supplies. Each will be required to complete specific tasks. 

  • For example, you should have a powerful vacuum. This will be needed to vacuum classrooms and hallways. In addition, mops must be used to clean hallways too. 
  • Furthermore, you should have various cleaning solutions. High-level disinfectants are useful for deep-cleaning and high-contact surfaces. 
  • Moreover, you must have window cleaning solutions. If you use the wrong products, you may accidentally damage the glass. In turn, you may have to pay high replacement fees. 

Furthermore, there is cleaning equipment that is specific to the school. For example, laboratories and different work areas may require special cleaning. Therefore, you may need to use specialized cleaning products that will not damage any equipment. 

Also, weight rooms and gym facilities can require specific products. Typically, they need to be effective but not irritating to the skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions About School Cleaning

What do you clean in a school?

There are plenty of locations and surfaces to clean in a school. Primarily, you should focus on high-traffic areas as these places have the most movement. For example, hallways and restrooms should be at the top of the cleaning list. In addition, you must prioritize classrooms as this is where students and teachers spend most of their day. If a classroom is unclean, they may get sick and spread illnesses to others. 

Moreover, you must clean the cafeteria and kitchen. Any location that stores food or where people eat is vulnerable to germ spreading. Therefore, to ensure everyone’s safety, it must be cleaned routinely. Ideally, you should implement a school kitchen cleaning checklist. 

What is the cleaning checklist?

The school cleaning checklist is a guideline that you must follow to maintain a well-cleaned school. Ideally, school cleaning checklists should include a comprehensive list of all cleaning assignments. 

In addition, you can also write down who is assigned each cleaning task. By doing so, you can limit any communication mishaps. If everyone knows what they must do, cleaning tasks can be completed efficiently. 

Furthermore, a school cleaning checklist can also include what cleaning supplies are needed. In turn, you can ensure that you have all the necessary equipment. This can also help individuals work more productively.

You can also specialize in different checklists. For example, there can be a school kitchen cleaning checklist or a classroom cleaning checklist.

How do you clean your classroom?

Cleaning a classroom requires precisely following several steps. It may be helpful to have a classroom cleaning checklist. 

First, teachers should keep hand sanitizer readily available for students. Along with keeping them healthy, this can reduce the chances of germ and virus spreading. 

In addition, disinfectant wipes should be disinfected in the classrooms. At the end of the day, teachers can wipe down desks. By the time the next school day begins, all workspaces will be fully clean and sanitary. 

Moreover, you can empty your classroom’s trash and recycling bins. While this may seem trivial, it can improve a classroom’s presentation and cleanliness. Lastly, you can spray an air freshener. This is a simple step that can make the classroom feel crisp and clean. 

What should be included in a cleaning schedule?

One of the key components of a school cleaning checklist is the schedule. To keep a school well-maintained, you must follow a clear schedule. Typically, it is best to categorize school cleaning tasks as daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning, and deep cleaning. 

  • Daily cleaning tasks can include disinfecting desks and emptying trash bins. In addition, you should thoroughly clean all the bathrooms daily. You should use a daily cleaning checklist for schools. 
  • Weekly cleaning tasks involve vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. It is best to do this after school hours.
  • Monthly cleaning includes more intensive tasks such as cleaning air vents and windows. 

How do you clean a dirty school?

You can properly clean a dirty school by fully following maintenance guidelines. This means that you must follow your school cleaning checklist. In addition, you should emphasize high-traffic areas such as hallways, classrooms, and restrooms. Also, you must follow all instructions listed on cleaning products. To continue, you must wear appropriate safety equipment at all times. 

You should customize your cleaning schedule based on your school. If certain locations require more additional cleaning, include that in the list. 

Moreover, you should use cleaning products that are suitable for your surfaces and equipment. By doing so, your school can remain thoroughly clean and healthy.

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