A successful commercial business should meet a handful of criteria. First, their employees should be happy working for them. In addition, clients and customers should be satisfied by giving their time and business to them. These principles cannot be met if the commercial workplace is dirty and unsanitary. 

In worst cases, unclean workspaces can develop a negative reputation. Over time, this can result in poor business and employee morale. Luckily, with the implementation of a commercial cleaning checklist, you can maintain a safe and healthy environment. 

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about creating the perfect commercial cleaning checklist.

The Reception Area

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First, we must discuss the reception area. This is the entrance to the workplace, so it is important to make a strong first impression. You can accomplish this by keeping the reception area clean and sanitary. Since it is a high-traffic area, the floors can quickly get dirty. 

So, you should sweep the floor daily and mop at least once a week. In addition, you must disinfect the reception desk as it can contain large amounts of harmful microorganisms. Furthermore, since it is a high-contact surface, germs and bacteria can spread easily. 

Therefore, to keep everyone safe, you must use a strong disinfectant spray or wipe daily.

Office Spaces

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Typically, employees will walk through the reception areas to the office spaces. This is the primary location in a commercial workplace. Since employees spend most of the day there, it must be safe and sanitary. Understandably and most importantly, office spaces should be kept clean for safety and health concerns. 

You never want to see someone get sick from poor cleaning and maintenance standards. Therefore, you should keep everything tidy and organized. Furthermore, you must disinfect high-contact surfaces like group tables, sofas, and printers. 

In addition, you should routinely dust hard-to-reach places like air vents and high shelves. To continue, another key benefit of maintaining a clean office space is improved employee morale. Individuals want to work in a healthy and sanitary environment. 


Spotless and sanitary commercial bathroom, emphasizing cleanliness for health and safety.

Moreover, restrooms are important locations in a commercial workspace and must be well-maintained. Harkening back to a previous point, clean restrooms are great for employee morale. No one is happy to use a restroom that is dirty and unpleasant. So, you must clean all restrooms every day. 

First, you should focus on high-contact surfaces like toilet flushes, sink handles, and door knobs. All of these places must be routinely disinfected with a high-level cleaning solution. Furthermore, you must use suitable cleaning solutions for toilets. Then, you should restock items such as paper towels and hand soap. 

Afterward, you should spray and wipe every bathroom mirror. Finally, you should mop the floors with a strong disinfectant. 

Break Rooms and Common Areas

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An often forgotten location in the workplace is the break room or common area. Understandably, people cannot work continuously throughout the entire day. No, everyone deserves to take an occasional break. Therefore, it is important to have a well-maintained break room. 

Similar to other locations, this can improve employee morale and reputation. People are happier to work for businesses that value their comfort and well-being. 

When cleaning common areas, you should clean all sofas and chairs. To begin, you can vacuum them. However, make sure to use a suitable nozzle so you won’t damage the items. Then, you can wipe down and disinfect high-touch surfaces like coffee tables. Ideally, any close contact location must be routinely and thoroughly cleaned.  

Floors and Carpets

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Over a day, floors and carpets can accumulate significant amounts of dirt, germs, and bacteria. As individuals walk throughout different workplace locations, these harmful microorganisms can spread. In addition, spills and other debris can be hazardous. 

To mitigate these issues, you should vacuum your carpets and mop your floors often. There should be monthly deep cleaning services. This involves applying a high-level cleaning solution and allowing optimal contact time. 

It is important to note that you should use cleaning products that are suitable for your carpet or flooring type. 

Windows and Glass Surfaces

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Young man cleaning window in office.

Clean windows are an essential component of a healthy workplace. By maintaining clean windows, you can increase natural light. Furthermore, anyone who works at or visits your office will notice your windows. So, to improve your reputation and overall ambiance, clean them regularly. 

Realistically, you will only need to clean the exteriors of the reception area windows. As it pertains to inside the office, you should use an appropriate glass cleaning solution. The right window cleaning product will remove stains and smudges, but it will not damage the glass. 

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist – Things to Keep in Mind

When creating your commercial cleaning checklist, it is important to remember certain key elements. First, you must be as detailed as possible. The best type of commercial cleaning checklist is well-structured and informed.

  • You should clearly state each cleaning and its frequency (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly).
  • Furthermore, you can state what cleaning supplies are necessary to complete each task.
  • Additionally, you should assign everyone different cleaning tasks.

These extra bits of effort can lead to great results since you’ll be better at ensuring that every task is completed promptly and properly. Moreover, you are reducing potential communication mishaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Cleaning

Why Use Commercial Cleaning Checklists?

Every workplace should use commercial cleaning checklists. To begin, they help keep your office space sanitary and organized. In addition, it provides many benefits for both customers and employees. Individuals are happier to work somewhere that values their health and safety. 

Furthermore, customers are more likely to give their business to places that are pleasant to be in. If you consistently follow your commercial cleaning checklist, you will experience boosts in employee morale and customer approval. Employees can complete tasks more productively, and customers will likely remain loyal to your business.

How often should an office be cleaned?

Ideally, an office should be cleaned every day. Typically, these are busy locations with high traffic. Therefore, they are more likely to accumulate dirt, viruses, and bacteria. Furthermore, high-contact surfaces like countertops, light switches, and door handles are hotspots for germs spreading. 

So, to protect your employees, you must clean and disinfect daily. In certain cases, smaller workplaces with less than 20 employees may suffice with less frequent cleanings. However, this is not advised as it puts individuals at risk. To continue, you should routinely clean reception areas, restrooms, and kitchen areas. 

In particular, you must clean the kitchen. A commercial kitchen cleaning checklist is crucial. By following a commercial kitchen cleaning checklist, you can ensure proper maintenance and disinfection.

How to maintain an office housekeeping checklist?

You can maintain an office housekeeping checklist by remaining diligent and organized. Cleaning and maintenance should be done regularly and thoroughly. This can be achieved through detail and planning. In general, the more precise your commercial cleaning checklist is, the more effective it will be. You should clearly state each cleaning task and its frequency. 

Usually, it is best to categorize them into daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks. In addition, you should include what cleaning supplies are needed to complete those cleaning tasks. Lastly, you must state who is assigned each task. All of these components will streamline the cleaning process.

What is Deep Cleaning Office Space?

Unlike regular cleaning, deep cleaning is more intensive and can require additional time and equipment. Regardless, it is still an integral part of maintaining a sanitary office space. Typically, a commercial deep cleaning checklist involves tasks like:

  • Machine scrubbing floors
  • Cleaning carpets
  • Cleaning air vents
  • Washing windows. 

For less intrusiveness, deep cleaning should occur during non-working hours. Once deep cleaning services are completed, your office will look fresh and new. Also, a proper deep cleaning checklist can help alleviate routine cleaning tasks. 

Understandably, if your workplace is thoroughly cleaned, it may not require intensive, frequent cleanings. Alternatively, you only need to maintain the extensive work already completed.

How to Know When It Is Time for Office Deep Cleaning?

In general, offices should be deep cleaned quarterly. Similar to daily cleaning, smaller workplaces may require less frequent deep cleanings. Instead, they may only need an appointment once every six months. 

To continue, several telltale signs will indicate your office needs deep cleaning. First, if your air vents are dusty, they must be thoroughly cleaned. If not, it can lead to health risks for employees and customers. Moreover, your sinks may have limescale accumulation. To continue, your carpets may have prominent stains and discolorations.

If you notice any of these issues, you must schedule professional commercial cleaning services.

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