When you’ve invested as much as you have in a commercial property, you need to do everything possible to secure your return on investment. The easiest way to correct this issue is to conduct hire a commercial cleaning company to keep the site clean and well-maintained. However, you also have to perform regular janitorial inspections to ensure the job is being done.

For most business owners, hiring a commercial cleaning company to handle the cleaning duties is an easy decision to make. However, it can quickly become an “out of sight, out of mind” aspect of your business. That’s when small, overlooked issues can escalate into major problems.

Routine janitorial inspections protect your property and provide clean and safe environments for your employees and customers. They also prevent small issues from growing into larger, more expensive problems.

Why Are Janitorial Inspections Important?

A janitorial inspection aims to ensure that your cleaning company is performing the quality service it promised and to address any minor issues before they transform into critical problems.

Professionals should run your commercial cleaning company. That means they should have systems and processes in place to provide you with efficient, cost-effective cleaning and janitorial services. Regularly-scheduled inspections enhance the quality of your cleaning service by ensuring those systems and processes are being adhered to.

Janitorial Inspections is important

Janitorial inspections should be used as a performance check with both positive and critical critiques. Mistakes happen occasionally, but a formal inspection will help limit human error or inefficient resources.

Use these learning opportunities to teach your cleaning crews the right way to do things. By showing them that you care about their performance, you’ll give them the support they need to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

What Should You Look for When You Perform a Janitorial Inspection?

At Dallas Janitorial Services, we not only preach the importance of janitorial inspections but also conduct them regularly. They help us better understand our customers and reinforce our own company standards.

Not only do we look for specific things like empty trash bins, clean restrooms and dust-free surfaces, but we also look for these key attributes:

  • Communication – Ensure everyone is on the same page and all questions are answered.
  • Expectations – Prioritize the duties and tasks that matter most to the customer.
  • Standards – Ensure the high quality of our work.
  • Accountability – Set the bar for professionalism and due diligence.
  • Reliability – Ensure we deliver on every promise we make.

Setting cleaning standards like these can quickly transform your cleaning service from good to great! Plus, when good work is recognized, people get motivated.

Success happens when a plan of action is made and followed consistently. Write a new plan of action for your cleaning service and set the standards for everybody involved.

To learn more about how Dallas Janitorial Services maintains our exceptional quality of service for businesses like yours, drop us a line and ask for a free on-site consultation.

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