What is the dirtiest place in your office?

If you answered the restroom, you’re probably right. However, because we associate restrooms with funky nastiness, we spend more energy keeping that particular room sanitized.

However, what you should really be asking yourself is what areas of your office get neglected the most? The reality is that there are several areas in your office that you don’t always think about when you’re cleaning. With that in mind, let’s look at a couple of neglected spots in your office that are dirtier than you think and talk about how professional cleaning services can help.

Clean Up Your Desk

Clean Up Your Desk

Without a doubt, your desk needs more attention than any other place in your office. To put it bluntly, it’s a hotbed for germs. One study found that the average desktop can carry 400 times more germs than your office toilet seat!

Why are they so dirty? That’s easy. You spend all day at your desk – talking, eating, drinking, coughing, and sneezing. You also touch everything on your desk at some point during the day. And when colleagues swing by to chat or drop off papers, they’re leaving their own sampling of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

As dirty as your desktop might be, it’s nothing when you consider your computer keyboard. Compared to that office toilet seat we mentioned earlier, there are more than 20,000 times more germs residing on your keyboard. Talk about gross.

When you spend up to eight hours a day typing away, your keyboard constantly collects your dead skin cells, saliva, and food crumbs. It’s a germaphobe’s worst nightmare.

And your mouse isn’t much better, playing host to approximately 1/3 the number of germs as your keyboard.

Sanitize Your Breakroom or Kitchen

Shared items in your communal areas are our next area of focus. Because of their high traffic, the break room or kitchen is often a hotbed of germs and filth. Unfortunately, the biggest offender is also the thing that keeps your office going every day – the coffee maker.

Whether you use single-serving coffee makers or the more environmentally-conscious coffee pot, it’s no secret that coffee is unquestionably an essential part of your daily grind.

Unfortunately, studies have found that the water reservoirs in these communal coffee makers are home to growing mold or yeast 50% of the time.

Additionally, your office coffee pot rarely gets cleaned. Instead, it only gets rinsed out, either at the end of the day or first thing the next morning. This can quickly turn your coffee pot into a science experiment gone wrong.

The microwave is another appliance that everyone touches throughout the day. Think about how many people heat their lunches every day. How often do you see anyone using a disinfectant wipe on that handle? The same goes for the microwave buttons.

Disinfect Your Communal Spaces

Disinfect Your Communal Spaces

Take a moment and think about the number of co-workers you have in your office. Now think about how much everyone moves about in your office, touching things as they go. That should give you some idea of how dirty some of the high-touch surfaces get in your office.

While most cleaners wipe down surfaces, floors, and other obvious things, you’d be surprised at how many overlook something as obvious as your doorknobs – one of the most common homes for harmful bacteria.

And while vacuuming your carpets does a good job of removing errant hairs, paper bits, food crumbs, and dust, it doesn’t clean up the really nasty stuff that sets into your carpet fibers.

Dirt, grease, hair, food, dust, and other bits and pieces land on your carpet non-stop. And despite regular vacuuming, even a well-maintained carpet gets dirtier and dirtier over time.

Get Control Over the Dirtiest Places In Your Office

As you can imagine, it takes effort and dedication to keep your office consistently clean. That’s why you should partner with Dallas Janitorial Services to make your office clean, healthy, and clutter-free.

We have the expertise, equipment, and solutions to correctly and safely clean and sanitize the most neglected and dirtiest locations in your office.

  • Keep your desk clean with disinfectants that won’t damage the surface.
  • Protect your devices with cleaning solutions that won’t cause electrical problems.
  • Sanitize your communal appliances so you don’t create breeding grounds for funk and filth.
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces so germs aren’t passed from one person to another.
  • Deep clean your carpets to ensure the cleanest, safest office environment possible.

Cleaning an office is more than just wiping down surfaces and vacuuming from time to time. Without a professional cleaning service’s knowledge, training, and equipment, you can find yourself in an unsafe environment very quickly.

Get the help you deserve. Give Dallas Janitorial Services a call at (214) 788-3689 or click here to send us a message. With a free on-site consultation and a custom cleaning solution perfectly suited to meet your specific sanitization needs, we’ll help you keep your office more productive with a healthier atmosphere.

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