5 Reasons to Outsource Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is one of those silly little chores everyone hates, but it has to get done.  Interns or fresh hires often get tasked with this chore, and larger companies will eliminate dust bunnies by hiring in-house janitors.

That’s a lot of extra hassle to manage for a small weekly chore in either case.  It would be far easier and cheaper to hire an outside contractor.

There’s countless reasons why, but for this list we’ve selected five that matter more than any others.

1. Reduce Costs

Companies that hire their own cleaning staff end up paying salary and possibly benefits.  The largest offices might have enough work to justify full time janitorial services, but most end up paying staff to wait for a mess or regularly scheduled cleaning.  By outsourcing cleaning, you only pay for work that’s actually needed.

2. Higher Quality Cleaning

Ian the Intern hates cleaning.  He didn’t apply to learn how to vacuum office carpeting- he could’ve learned that at home from his parents.  While he’s cleaning, his mind wanders, and he misses a few areas or doesn’t thoroughly clean the spots he does get.

Outside contractors make their living by cleaning.  A thorough, deeper clean is second nature to most full-time cleaning crews, and they already know which products work and which don’t.  You’ll end up with a far cleaner office as a result, and Ian will have time to get your coffee.


3. Better Customer Service

A caricature of a janitor often paints them as rarely seen and hardly ever friendly.  While this stereotype may not always hold true, it never will with an outside cleaning crew.  Their top goal is keeping your business, which includes remaining polite and helpful whenever possible.

4. Fewer Administrative Duties

There’s a whole mess of paperwork that comes with in-house cleaning.  The previously mentioned salaries and benefits have to be tracked, appropriate employment paperwork needs to be filed, and some stronger cleaning products have special liability and storage issues that require attention.  Outsourcing moves all those issues to someone who already understands them inside and out, leaving you free to focus on the day to day operation of your office.

5. One Stop Shop

You were always going to outsource certain aspects of cleaning (like deep carpet cleaning) anyway.  If you’ve already outsourced all basic cleaning services, you’ve already got a contractor you trust just a phone call away.  You’ll only have one set of paperwork and one company to deal with for almost all cleaning your office needs.

-Ryan Derenbecker

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