Day 1

… Where am I?  What am I?  … I’m not sure…

I seem to be made of bits of fluff and dust, a little fuzzball in the corner.  Not sure where I came from, but here I am.  Guess I need to learn more about my surroundings tomorrow.

dust bunny

Day 2

The inhabitants don’t seem to have noticed me, but I’m starting to get brothers and sisters in this shady spot.  We frolic every time a breeze starts blowing from this vent near us- we just can’t help it, surfing the breeze is too fun.

While my fellow dusty floofs make sense to me, the much larger inhabitants do not.  They only come here when it’s light out, and they don’t look around enough to see us.  I don’t understand how someone could see so little of their surroundings.  Maybe it’s because they spend so much time outside their homes.

Still, it’s a fun, peaceful life.  I think I’ll try to hitch a ride on a shoe tomorrow…

Day 5

Well, they noticed us.  Some of my siblings started surfing the breeze, and wound up out in the open, away from our cozy corner.  A couple of the less oblivious creatures started talking about bringing in a “cleaning crew” for this place (which apparently is not their home, but a second home they call an office).  Not really sure what that is- will this new crew play with us?  It seems like the ones who noticed us need permission from someone else, so maybe we’ll have more time to figure this out.

clean dust bunnies

Day 10

A new group of those people appeared, although they had on different clothes.  They used some noisy thing that sucked a lot of lint off the carpet, and there seems to be less dust around, but they never came to play with us bunnies in our dusty corner.  I can see several other spots like ours where they didn’t get, scattered all around the office.  They did get a few of my more playful cousins, though (they liked to run in the walkways).  I wonder where they ended up?

Day 17

Another week went by, and the cleaning crew came and went.  They missed a lot of spots, but I don’t mind.  I never was much for adventure- I like it in my cozy corner.  I keep getting more and more dust to eat, too, so I’m starting to get fat.

The workers who come here every day don’t seem too happy.  One keeps sneezing, and I think I heard some shouting going on.  It’s almost as if they don’t want us here.  Is that why they called the cleaning crew?  Were they supposed to play with us?

Day 19

The people here said something about switching.  Apparently they’ve called some new crew, who will come from something called “Dallas Janitorial Services.”  I’m not sure why, but I’m worried.  They must really not want us bunnies here if they’re mad enough to invite two different groups of strangers here.

Day 21

I’ve been uprooted!

This new crew vacuumed and swept everything.  From what I saw, everything is sparkling and clean now, no dust for us to eat at all.  Like it or not, I’m finding myself in a strange new experience.  I wanted to stay, but apparently I’m taking a trip in a trash bag.

Well, at least my whole family is with me for this adventure.  I wonder what a dumpster is?