Most businesses and organizations are only thinking about one thing when they hire a janitorial company for their commercial property. They just want their workplace to be clean. That means…

  • Empty trash bins.
  • Fresh-smelling restrooms.
  • Clear windows.
  • Pristine-looking carpets.
  • Dust-free surfaces.

Keeping things clean is great for your company. They make you, your employees, and your customers happy. But at the end of the day, what you need is a good return on your investment.

How can a cleaning company provide a good ROI?

While every company is different and will feel the impact in different ways, here are a few ways contracting a janitorial service will improve your bottom line.

dallas office cleaningA Clean Office Means Healthier, More Productive Employees

Keeping a clean office or workplace isn’t just about taking out the trash. It’s also about disinfecting commonly touched surfaces and sanitizing high-traffic areas where viruses and bacteria can infect your employees.

Sick employees hurt your bottom line because they don’t show up for work. And when they are in the office, they’re often slower, less productive, and more prone to mistakes. Plus, they can make other employees or customers sick.

When your office is regularly disinfected or sanitized, the odds of infection drop dramatically. That means your employees are showing up to work healthy and being more productive at work.

Maintaining Your Assets Help Them Last Longer

Admittedly, this is harder to measure, but when you maintain your carpet, furniture, and other high-contact surfaces, they keep their look and perform their functions longer. This means you don’t have to replace them as often.

Everything in your office has a life expectancy, an estimated length of time that will see it operating at peak efficiency. While the ideal scenario is to use these expensive assets past the expected end of the life of the product, without proper maintenance, this might not happen.

Also, proper maintenance keeps your warranties valid. Being forced to pay out of pocket to replace an expensive carpet or flooring can impact your profit margins. And if the warranty on your asset is expired, keeping it well-maintained will certainly help it last longer.

Commercial Cleaning by Dallas Janitorial ServicesA Positive Customer Experience Means More Money

While the display window at a high-end boutique or display case in a jewelry store may capture the attention of your audience, it’s often the unseen that drives their customer experience.

It’s difficult to quantify the ROI for maintaining something simple like your restrooms, but consider the fact that 80% of people use public restrooms regularly. In addition, 64% of consumers choose businesses based on how clean and maintained their restrooms are. So if your restroom has a funky smell or isn’t regularly well-stocked, you’re not providing a very good customer experience.

Providing a great customer experience can mean everything to a business. It increases your brand equity while boosting your customer retention and loyalty. Sales to existing or past customers often exceed 60-70%, while new customers only make purchases 5-20% of the time.

Choosing the Right Janitorial Services for Your Business

When you consider the factors that can make or break your company, rarely does keeping the office or workplace clean make the top ten. However, it can have a strong influence on the factors that can.

So when it’s time to select a cleaning company to maintain and clean your facilities, treat it like other major business decisions and take it seriously. You need to work with a company you can trust to be there on time, prepared to do the work, and willing to take the extra step to make you look good while keeping your people healthy.

Dallas Janitorial Services is dedicated to providing you with a clean, safe workplace for you and your customers through consistent delivery of our first-class cleaning and janitorial services.

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