Clean windows greatly impact the appearance of a building. The windows themselves are often a prominent feature that can bolster the atmosphere of a room. Clean windows also help maximize the impact of natural light on a room. 

Streak-free windows are one of the most underrated ways to enhance the look and feel of any room. So it’s fair to say that commercial window cleanings are very important. Appearance matters a lot in business. Dirty windows can be a major red flag for customers, guests, or potential clients. Commercial window cleanings are a vital service to your business’s well-being.

However, there are several challenges when cleaning commercial windows effectively and efficiently. Commercial windows need to be cleaned on the inside and out, which can make it very difficult in multi-story or high-rise office buildings. Many commercial buildings also simply have a lot of surface area to clean when it comes to windows. 

To make the job easier, follow this straightforward guide on how to clean commercial windows.

Why It’s Important to Have Clean Commercial Windows

First, let’s start with the importance of having clean windows. As mentioned, there are several benefits to having clean windows. First and foremost, clean windows brighten up the room and create a better atmosphere. That improved atmosphere can offer a slight boost to employee morale, leading to better productivity.

Having clean windows also sends a message to visitors that your company prioritizes cleanliness. This inspires confidence and makes potential clients or customers more likely to do business with you.

But that’s not all. Frequent cleanings for your windows can even save you money in the winter. This is because better natural light from the sun can provide a little extra heat on the coldest days of the year.

Hiring a window cleaning company can yield the best possible results for your business.

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Tools for Cleaning Commercial Windows

If you want to learn how to clean windows like a professional, you should start by using the right equipment. Remember that commercial window cleanings should usually involve both the outside and inside of the windows. Some of the essential tools recommended by commercial window cleaners include:

  • A bucket large enough to fit a squeegee or mop
  • Squeegee  – most professionals recommend a 14-inch squeegee for commercial windows
  • Window mop also called a “washer” or “wand”
  • Scraper
  • Window-cleaning detergent
  • Rags, to wipe down windows and equipment after cleaning

Once you have all the equipment, it’s time to learn how to wash commercial windows for the best results.

Techniques For Cleaning Commercial Windows

Simply having the right equipment is a good place to start. Next, you will want to know the proper techniques to follow when using that equipment. Here are some essential tips for the best way to clean commercial windows like a professional window cleaning company.

First Clean the Windows From the Inside – Including Blinds, Curtains, Sills, and Tracks.

It is easier to clean commercial windows from the inside, meaning you can clean them on a more regular basis. But this does not just mean cleaning the windows themselves. 

While window cleanings are important, you should also take some time to clean window fixtures as well. This means window sills, blinds, curtains, and tracks. All of these components can gather quite a bit of dust if they’re not cleaned regularly. This can become unsightly, and also result in poorer indoor air quality, and trigger allergies for some people.

You can clean these window fixtures with a soft cloth or duster. If some stains persist, you can use a simple homemade cleaning solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with this cleaning solution, and spray in small amounts on the soiled areas of your window sill. Then, wipe it down with a soft cloth, and any tough stains should come out with ease.

If you use curtains in your commercial building, some curtains can be machine-washed. Just make sure you use cold water and a gentle rinse cycle to avoid damaging the curtains.

The technique for cleaning window tracks is similar to the process for cleaning window sills and blinds. But when cleaning window tracks, you may also vacuum inside the area if your vacuum has a crevice tool. This is helpful because window tracks tend to accumulate larger amounts of dust and debris. 

Clean the Windows Outside Next – Including Screens and Ledges

Just like interior window cleanings, exterior window cleanings should focus on cleaning the entire area. For outside cleanings, this means window screens and ledges. Window ledges can be cleaned using the same technique and equipment as window sills. The only difference is that ledges might have more dirt build-up simply because they are more exposed to the elements.

Window screens will need to be removed before cleaning the windows themselves. You should use this opportunity to also clean the window screens. When cleaning screens, the first step is to rinse them with clean, warm water from a hose. Then, spray the screens with water-vinegar solution and wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth. After that, rinse the screens one more time with water and wait for them to dry before replacing them.

A similar process can be used to clean your windows from the outside. Start by spraying the windows with water from a hose (and make sure the windows are shut tight beforehand). You can then fill a bucket with clean, cold water and a few drops of household dish soap. Using a microfiber cloth, rub this cleaning solution over the surface of your windows. This method can remove streaks quickly and easily. Rinse the windows again with water to remove any soap residue.

Commercial window cleaners recommend using a vinegar solution for sustained results, letting it soak for several minutes before scrubbing.

Frequency: Just How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

How often you clean your commercial windows depends on where they are located. Entryway windows should be cleaned at least weekly, if not daily. Other windows should also be cleaned on a regular basis, though the frequency depends on several factors. These include the professional setting, natural environment, window size and location, and personal preference or budget.

For instance, commercial windows in an office building won’t need to be cleaned as frequently as windows in a hospitality setting, like a hotel. Windows on the top floor of a large building are also more difficult to clean. As such, these windows might not be cleaned from the outside as frequently.

In addition to basic frequent cleanings, businesses should hire professional window cleaning services at least once yearly. However, the following schedule for commercial window cleanings is recommended for various industries:

  • Hospitals and healthcare centers: Once per month
  • Office buildings: Twice per year
  • Restaurants and hospitality industry: Once or twice per month
  • Retail stores: About once per month

These figures are just rough estimates. Exactly how frequently you clean your windows depends on your business, location, and the number of windows you have to clean.

The Best Way to Clean Commercial Windows: Hire A Pro

If you want to know how to clean windows like a pro, the best tip is to hire a pro. Hiring a window cleaning company, rather than attempting it yourself, can make your life much easier.

Commercial window cleaning services have all the equipment and knowledge needed to give you spotless windows. This saves you tons of time and also products better results. It’s also simply safer to hire commercial window cleaning services when it comes to cleaning second or third-story windows.

If you’re in need of commercial window cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Dallas Janitorial Services can help. Dallas Janitorial’s team is committed to providing unbeatable service and has the expertise needed to deliver exceptional results.

Want to learn more about hiring janitorial services? Contact us today to discuss your options and get a free quote.


How do you clean high-rise windows?

Cleaning high-rise windows requires a good deal of safety equipment, including a hydraulic lift, ropes, and harnesses. Nobody should ever attempt to clean exterior high-rise windows on their own. Rather, they should always hire professional window cleaning services.

Can you wash windows in the winter?

Using warm or hot water to clean windows when the temperature is below freezing can create cracks in the glass. Therefore, it is not recommended to clean commercial windows in cold weather.

What is the best way to remove hard water spots from windows?

Using an acidic solution, like water mixed with vinegar, is a simple yet effective way to remove hard water spots from your windows.

Is it safe to clean windows with a pressure washer?

No, pressure washers are often too powerful to be used on windows. Too much pressure can cause damage to the glass or rubber seals.

Is newspaper effective for cleaning windows?

Newspaper is safe to use and will not damage your windows during cleaning. However, it is not very durable or absorbent. Using a soft microfiber cloth can achieve much better results than newspaper when cleaning windows.

Can building windows be washed with windshield washer fluid?

Windshield washer fluid is primarily designed to avoid freezing and remove bugs or large stains. It is not recommended for cleaning commercial windows because it is less effective at removing streaks. Additionally, windshield washer fluid is made with harmful chemicals which should be avoided when cleaning commercial windows.

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